Should a HS student be allowed to bring an ipad to school for educational and recreational purpose?

Asked by: NGEpical
  • They should be allowed

    This topic is based on if the parent of the child will allow him\her to bring the ipad he owns and not confiscate the ipad during the school week. (this is a personal owned ipad and not a school one) they should be able to bring it because the student owns the ipad.

  • As Long as the Student Proves Responsibility

    HS students should be given more freedoms in what they do in high school. Devices such as tablets have proven to be valuable in education. It is common for schools to provide these devices now to students as a school-wide program. A HS student bring his/her own device should be allowed if the student proves to be productive with it. It should not be immediately banned.

  • Students are commonly known for zero self control

    With the variation of apps and having mobile connectivity on most available tablets in the market, it is very hard t control what the tablets are being put to use during mandatory education periods. That being said there are so many distractions available on mobile tablets these days, even bosses are concerned to allow employees to bring in personal devices into workplace. Text messages (don't tell me IMessage does not count; it does), social networking apps, these are unnecessary distraction to study lives.

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