Should A Law Be Made To Stop Kids From Playing M-Rated Games?

Asked by: Sheppard101
  • Have you been to a public school before?

    At many public schools there are very young children cussing and fighting. I saw a kindergartner acting like this so I was like "You're like two years old you shouldn't act like that" and he said "I'm past that BITCH!" Like, what the Hell?! A lot of violence will stop if this is a law.

  • Kids need to stop

    Profanity, annoying squealing and heavy breathing . This says it much , In my opinion I really do would like to see less kids playing less M-rated games. Especially kids that effect the community with their poison. There are T&E rated games for a reason , I think there should be a cyber voice indentifer , and if it matches a child under 17 they will be banned from their game untill varified by their parents by calling the place in charge that it is "ok" for them but under parent supervision. And if it is violated again I say a 100$ fine is an order.

  • The state is NOT a parent.

    There are hundreds of millions of different parenting styles. Just because a plurality (not even a majority! ) of people think that it's inappropriate for other peoples' children to play M-rated games does not give them the right to violently enforce another arbitrary rule upon people. Let people do what they think is best to the extent that it does not DIRECTLY infringe upon others' rights.

  • You need an ID to but M-rated games anyway

    We already have laws in place that prevent kids from buying video games. Are they working? No, why would they? If it's such a problem, the parents would already stop buying these games. Law enforcement is a waste pf money for this and for all I care, people underaged buy these games with no effort

  • No, absolutely not.

    Without getting into how this would basically be a waste of police resources, I believe that the M-rating shouldn't even exist to begin with. Around the time that children are thirteen we allow them to play violent games which involves shooting anyway, so I fail to see how letting them play games that also involve cursing and a bit of blood is any worse.

    Ultimately, the context still remains the same. Whether you shoot someone in a teen game or you shoot someone in a mature game with blood, the fact of the matter is that clearly these restrictions don't seem to focus so much on the actual context of what's going on as they do on the graphic detail which is involved. And lets be honest here, a game that has a lot of blood, swearing, violence, and gore is exactly the kind of thing a 13 year old teen wants anyway.

    The mature rating should be abolished completely. If someone cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality by that point then clearly it's not their age that's the problem and they need some serious medical analysis. Children of a certain age should not play violent video games, that becomes quite clear, but I think around the teen years people are mature enough to separate fiction from reality. Seventeen years of age is going a bit too far. Teenagers will be having sex, drinking, experimenting and driving cars by then. Allow me to emphasize this point, if you may:


    So, yeah, if we're going to entrust our teenagers with such responsibility, then clearly they're old enough to play a game with bad language, blood, gore, and good old fashioned violence.

  • Such a law is unenforceable and at its basic level irrational.

    You have to remember that every law you pass does two things.

    (1) It uses valuable and LIMITED resources... So efforts to enforce such a law may come at the expense of enforcing laws that mean more. There fore you should be careful about writing laws for just anything... Police forces do have a finite budget.

    (2) " Do what I say or men and women with guns will come to your house and throw you in a cage." There is no simpler way to break down what a Law really is. So morally, ask your self.. If you don't agree with some one doing something, are you willing to stick a gun in their face to stop them? No, of course not that would be absurd... But that is exactly what you are doing ( the cop carries the gun on your behalf) when you pass a law. Another reason to be very careful about what laws you propose.

    Finally, the law is impractical above either of these points, enforcement is near impossible.

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