• Cannabis oils saved an 8 month old baby's life

    This 8 month old baby had a brain tumor, inoperable and growing. The doctors tried everything to save this child. When nothing worked the father demanded that the doctors try cannabis oil and you know what, not only did the tumor shrink but was completely gone within 2 months. Lets look at this in another way. We all know someone close to us who under went chemo and radiation and they seriously went through hell and back fighting for their lives. You have hair loss, your body is falling apart, and the throwing up. This cannabis oil has no harsh effects like these man made chemicals do, which chemo and radiation spread throughout your whole body, you hardly have a chance to help your own body. But with cannabis oil used to help treat cancer you do not have such the struggle. For real people its a plant not like meth where you make it inside your house. Rules and regulations after legalizing it but it can save A Childs life, come on that's a miracle

  • Marijuana should be legalized

    Marijuana should be legal because the only effect you get are munchies also no one has been killed by using marijuana it actually helps with medical problems and it doesn't hurt you. Marijuana is just a plant that grows it has no chemicals and it is much safer than alcohol and cigarettes .

  • There is practically no harm to your body if you over 16

    As long as your over the age of 16 there is basically no harm done to your body. I don't smoke cannabis because i am 14, but i do know a lot about it. Right now research show that cannabis actually kills cancer cells it also somewhat protects your brain it can help brain disorders there is a brain disorder that causes seziuers there is a story of a 5 year old girl named charlotte how was having 300 sezuires a week. Her parents ended up getting permission from colorado to give her cannabis and ever since she started taking cannabis (she has been talking it for one year now and she talk it by having a little drop) she has about 1 seziuer a week which is amazing. Watch this on T.V Weed: Dr Sanjay Gupta Reports. It will change your mind trust me.

  • Marijuana is not harmful.

    Who has died from the use of cannabis? The only death that is associated with this substance is the people who get killed trying to bring it into the country. America's economic state would be increased if this law was passed because they would be able to stop arresting those who possess it. Those who sell it and grow it would be able to do it more freely and more than likely almost everything would be better.

  • The Truth

    Who has died from the use of cannabis? The only death that has to do about the substance is the people who get killed trying to bring it into the country. America's economic state would be increased if this law was passed because they would be able to stop arresting those who possess it, those who sell it/grow it would be able to do it more freely, and more than likely, almost everything would be better.

  • Not harmful

    I believe cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol and should be legalized with a similar set of restrictions (in terms of age and driving) as alcohol. If it was legalized, it could also be good for the government if it was taxed in the same way as cigarettes, and it would free up law enforcement to look into crimes that may harm innocent people rather than just the voluntary user of a substance.

  • Marijuana

    Marijuana, some people think it is bad but i think it should be legal.Most legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than marijuana. Every six seconds someone dies from cigerettes, alcohol abuse kills some 75,000 Americans each year, but no one can die from marijuana overdose. Marijuana has more positive effects than most people think. Thus, I think marijuana should be legal.

  • Stop the Violence

    Thousands of people are being murdered on the US Mexico boarder. All for a drug no one has ever overdosed from. Legalization would save lives! It can be used many times instead of the pharmaceutical drugs that people OD on everyday. The federal government views Marijuana as a Schedule I drug the same as Heroin and Cocaine.

  • The falsified history behind Cannabis probation must end

    Lets get real, the war on marijuana is a joke, and will always be as long as our politicians continue to avoid the falsified past of the plant. I use it for medical purposes in a non medical state, who are you or anyone else for that matter to tell me what I'm doing is wrong if it makes my symptoms lessen. Cannabis helps more then it hurts, learn the facts. Educate yourself don't follow the chain of bigots and surrealists.

  • Obviously

    Many of the people opposing say it harms your body, yet they have no factual proof. They don't have proof from any significant studies, and to be frank a good portion of them can't spell. It would not be such a big deal if it wasn't made one in the first place. And some people may act wrongly while using, but that same effect and worse can be driven from typical OTC drugs.

  • Use of addictive substances like cannabis or marijuana should not be legalized or regularized by the law because their consumption by the youth poses a threat to society. People under the influence of such substances can behave irresponsibly.

    Cannabis or marijuana is a very strong addictive substance which when ingested causes mental disorientation and causes one to lose control over one's actions and emotions. Smoking of cannabis is also a social evil because it derails the youth from the society. They act irresponsibly and lose control over their thoughts, actions and emotions. They indulge in anti-social activities and hence become social evils. Smoking marijuana also causes long term health problems, affects the functioning of the respiratory system and causes depression, anxiety and psychosis.

    Posted by: SmarterTabby
  • From one thing you can easily go to other

    If the government decides to legalize marijuana the people will want more than that after they get bored of it. It will lead to the legalization of even more drugs that will cause more harm. The government has to have a firm hand against this rebellious issue. This type of liberties that the society wants nowadays if just like spoiling them and giving them what they want. have people turn more stupid and lost their head on this type of things that do not lead to nowhere.

  • No point in legalizing another terrible substance

    Marijuana has thicker smoke with much more moisture than traditional tobacco which kills the cilia in your lungs and leads to fatal diseases.
    THIS is the reason marijuana is illegal, it also impares your senses and can lead to a whole new slew of hard drugs that can possibly kill you.

  • Long term marijuana use can have a very detrimental affect on health and well being

    Long term users often lose the drive and motivation to do things and it can cause schizophrenia. Why would we encourage people to use it when it causes these dangers.

    People high on dope will also have impaired judgement which can lead to accidents.

    Just because other drugs are legal doesn't mean we should add more drugs to the party.

  • Marijuana should stay illegal, because it causes harm to the people that use it.

    Marijuana may not be as hard of a drug as heroin or cocaine, but it leads the user to harder drugs. And, the people that use marijuana are hurting themselves. It makes them think slower and go around in a daze. It is a bad recreational drug.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • hell no and i was a pot head

    i know the people who smoke pot and most of them are bumbs when i smoked i didnt want to do anything i put things aside that i should be doing and kids will get a hold of it even more its hard to resist pot its so nice i like to feel so relaxed when i smoke it . that is why its so bad. Dont you understand? when you want something and you need something like this it controles you. I havent smoked pot for a wile but i will admit it made me stupid. no joke.and after seven years since i last smoked when iam near my friends who smoke pot and i smell it . Iwant just a little hit lol .so i ask myself .Why do i want it? Its because it controls me. and you are fools just as stupid as me if you think other wise

  • I oppose legalizing marijuana because once it is legalized, how do we control the criminal element?

    Once marijuana is legalized then we have the issues of how we control the criminals. I believe that it will just create more issues for law enforcement. They then have to decide who has it legally and who doesn't. This takes time for law enforcement, when they need that time to investigate real crimes. I believe that it will just contribute to more people using drugs. For example, say a parent has it legally, but they have children: what stops the child from wanting to try it or use it? Then you have the issue of the child trying to sell it or even the parents. There are plenty of legal drugs that people can use to control their pain.

    Posted by: AdamantBryce53
  • Legalizing cannabis has a lot of drawbacks, like increased unsafe driving by those that use it.

    If there was a law passed to legalize cannabis, there could be deadly effects. We are not allowed to drink and drive because your thought process is impaired. The same thing could be said for smoking cannabis. Unclear vision and thought impairment prevents you from making safe decisions, regardless of where you are.

    Posted by: AmusingKareem
  • Cannabis should not be legalized, because there is nothing good that would come of it.

    Marijuana is a drug, and it should not be legalized. There would be nothing beneficial about it. If people need it for medical purposes, it should be accessed this way, with a prescription. But, it should not be made available to the mass public. It has too many negative effects to be available for everyone.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Mariguana should not be legalized because it will push our nation further down the downward spiral that it is in now.

    Though some say that marijuana is not as harmful as alcohol and should be legalized, does that mean we should push our nation further down the downward spiral it is in? No. The legalization of marijuana would make it more accessible to the public (outside of the individuals who need it for medicinal purposes) almost encouraging those who were too afraid to use it illigally, to try it. Making it legal would be the same as saying, "it's okay to smoke weed". Side effects of the drug would be taken less seriously and the statistics of national addiction would rise. Looking at the negative side effects that other legalized addictive substances have done to the American families as well as to the lives of the indiviual, one might think that allowing another addictive substance be legalized would be unwise. Though it is a person's own personal choice to choose to take a drug, it will not only effect the individual but also others around him. Legalizing it would make it more of a temptation for those attempting to quit and those considering it because it would be more accessable and more likely to be socially accepted. We would have a higher unemployment rate, who want's to hire an immotivated sluggard who is that way due to the psychological and physical side effects of a drug? So, no. Marijuana and substances of suit should not be legalized.

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