Should a life sentence mean life in prison (UK)?

Asked by: SpookIV
  • Yes it should

    You kill someone pre meditated as I would receive if anyone who murdered a loved one of mine should receive life minimum of 30years, Child police officer murders, Terrorist acts gang related ( where the people are making out it matters there gang culture as they want all the attention ), Multiple 2 or more killers, Car killers whilst drunk, And anyone who shows no respect for another life should receive 40 years minimum, Life is so precious it’s all we have, Money material things do not matter. . . . . . . Frankly people need to voice for tougher sentencing

  • Make life life

    There is never any guarantee that an offender is not going to offend again. The overriding concern should be the complete safety of the general public, Not the offender. If sentences were more meaningful and prisons made more unpleasant places to serve out the sentence, Some, Not all, Potential offenders would think twice before committing awful crimes

  • Life should mean life

    Life should mean for the rest of their life, Otherwise give a set number of years to remain in prison, And instead of reducing the length of the service if they behave themselves, Just add years if they misbehave. Ie. A sentence of ten years if they are model prisoners and fifteen if they misbehave. This is common sense.

  • A life wasted.

    If you waste a life, yours deserves to be wasted in return. As John Farnham wisely said; "We're all someone's daughter, we're all someone's son". Agreed, people can change, but that does not excuse them from a crime they have already committed. Do not say we are a society without mercy before considering that we are a society with justice, and with justice will come mercy where mercy is appropriate.

  • Life should mean life

    If a life is taken by another. Then the suspect should then serve a life imprisonment themselves. Not only have that taken a life but they have taken a son/daughter, a friend, a neice/nephew, a father/mother etc... The suspect will not be the only person to suffer a life sentence, but the family also.

  • Justice of a Democratic Government

    Everyone in all parts of the world have heard the proverb, " Treat others the way you want to be treated. " So, if you murder someone, you should expect to be given a direct execution sentence, and the life sentence is just an indirect execution sentence. If you say that they aren't given a chance for rehab, think about it, would you want them being free in the world if one of your family member was murdered?

  • Taking a life

    If people are willing to take away someone else's life they should be prepared to give up their life as well, people shouldn't be able to serve 10 years for taking someone's life then after prison go back to their own personal life. People don't come back from the dead after 10 years to carry on their life so why should murders be able to do that? There is no justic for the victims family knowing that the person who killed their loved one will be out of prison usually under a new identity and be able to carry on like normal and that nothing happened.

  • Lack of deterrence

    If punishment was not as harsh as it is currently, there would be nothing to discourage criminals from acting in the first place. If the criminal just needed to make it through rehab, repeat crimes would be more common.

    Though this is entirely ignoring the factor of injustice, generally and to any victims.

  • Should all life sentences mean that a criminal dies in prison?

    Is it ever safe to let a criminal out early on parole? Many people think that serious offenders should never be let out - that they should die in prison. Isn't this wrong? What about the rehabilitation programs put in place by the government?

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  • Why should they be left to die in prison if they have generally changed

    Because once the sentence given is done, They remain on licence, subject to recall. ‘Life’ is a life sentence; it’s just not necessarily all spent in prison
    occasionally even the worst murderers reform. What kind of society offers no hope and forgiveness, after an appropriately severe punishment, to people who have genuinely changed?
    What kind of signal does that send to our children?
    This is less a matter of human rights than a matter of simple humanity.

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