Should a line be drawn at genetic engineering of animals, plants or people?

  • No, genetic engineering should not be alloud

    In Maximum ride, people decided to let genetic engineering continue, accidentally creating superhuman people that could never fit in. The people who created these people were insane to the fullest degree. They never would have ceratid these superhuman abominations if society had shunned the idea of altering somethings DNA. I don't want maximum ride to happen.

  • Yes it should be drawn.

    I don't agree with genetic engineering in most, if not all, cases. I think it is morally wrong to mess with something in this way. It may be acceptable to use genetic engineering on a plant or animal, but the line should definitely be drawn at the genetic engineering of humans!

  • Yes a line should be drawn.

    Genetic engineering needs to have some regulation. I don't believe that it is ethical to genetically engineer a person. Genetically engineering an animal is questionable but it is probably okay to engineer plants. However, more research and safety testing needs to be done in the case of plants and animals that will be consumed by humans.

  • Genetic Engineering shouldn't be allowed!!!

    Animals and Humans are closely related and genetic engineering could affect animals just as much as us. If you think about it would you like to be having your genetics altered? I know I wouldn't so why do it to those poor animals who don't get a choice, (no offense)!!!

  • No line should be drawn

    If your going to say it is ok to genetically engineer animals then people should be included as well. We are animals our selves. I can see how people will take it ethically and morally wrong but is it wrong if the people volunteer them selves to allow scientist to tamper with their DNA or in other words Genetically modify them. If you don’t sign up to have your DNA tampered with then you have no reason to worry. People that sign up will be making their own decision.

    Genetic modifying as many benefits as well. It can be used to help cure disease, prolong human life, and even help advance the sciences through the experimentation and the ability to end up creating a DNA line that causes people to learn quickly and be capable of understanding concepts we just can’t grasp because there is no way with our brains we can comprehend it.

    I can understand your concerns about the whole thing and I will say they will have to have many precautions in doing it if any program gets started on it then it should be set up where people volunteer for it.

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