• It should be allowed.

    Would you oppose a church near ground 0? No. Those who oppose the mosque are racist. Only 2% of Muslims are terrorists and 98% of Muslims are law abiding people and only 2% are crazy so why should the 98% of law abiding people suffer just because the actions of the 2% of few.

  • America is a great country for freedom and democracy

    The USA is not a communist country like China or USSR. All religions should be freely
    practiced. More importantly, building a mosque shows the greatness of this nation.

    The USA is a free country whose constitution allows religion freedom including Islam as well
    as others.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists. Religion is religion which shall have nothing to do with politics.

  • Wonderful Idea. I support completely.

    Why would we be so cruel as to say where someone should or should not be able to pray? This is America. Everyone here has a RIGHT to do what they please. We should not be having an argument over something so ridiculous. People judge Muslims so harshly when in fact, earlier when Chrisianity was starting to become a major religion, all this was happening to Christians as well. Do you like what happened to them? All the killings? What is happening to the Muslims is exactly what happened to the Christians when Christianity was starting out. We need to stop looking at the faith, and start looking at the PEOPLE who were involved. Blaming the faith is just a cover up for coward American who are too ignorant to realize who to blame. So they blame to whole religion, instead of the PEOPLE who did it in the first place.

  • Of Course Freedom of Religion

    I'm seeing some really ignorant responses here. You can't blame a whole religion by he actions of one radical group. That's like blaming all white people because of slavery. It's not constitutional or morally right in anyway. Islams have as much of a right in America as anyone else does. This is home of the free. I'm really disappointed by some of these answers.

    Posted by: Fayz
  • we can so show tolerance and sophistication

    they(terrorist) don't like us but they have to respect us .
    we cant harbor negative feelings about Islam its not Islam we are fighting its terrorism
    lets not stoop down to there level

  • It should be allowed.

    But not encouraged or supported. You need to show some discretion in choosing where to build things. Would you build a statue of Andrew Jackson right next to a Native American reservation?

  • Yes

    This issue isnt about it being AT Ground Zero, its about being NEAR ground Zero, and since there are titty bars closer to Ground Zero then the Mosque would be, then there isnt any argument against the Mosque that arent hypocritical.

  • This whole thing was ridiculous.

    Saying no is being prejudice against Muslims.

  • Absolutely.

    Well, first of all it would be a Islamic cultural (community?) center NEAR Ground Zero, so that's another example of Rhetoric clouding the actual issue. In addition, allowing the Mosque (or Islamic community center) to be built near ground zero will show that America isn't a place of hostility and hatred (like we have been in the past) and that we have grown up as a nation. We clearly haven't.

  • Yes, it is a fundamental right.

    It is a Muslim Community Center that includes recreational facilities open to ALL people regardless of religion. It indeed has a mosque inside for prayers, but we don't call a hospital a church because it has a chapel inside. The Crusades were some of the most violent times in Christian history, but nobody is saying churches shouldn't be in Europe. Plus, the community center is blocks away from Ground Zero. New York isn't exactly the easiest place to get available space, especially for a public service group.

  • No Mosque Anywhere

    No mosque should be allowed anywhere in North America. Islam is the scurge of our time. If you want to live in an Islamic world with Islamic teachings, customs, holidays, laws, and so on....don't come here. This isn't the place for you. I don't care if people call me names. It doesn't bother me.

  • Islam win again

    The filthy muslum radical dared to attack us killing 3,000 innocent lives and then you tell me that we're going to alow them to build a mosque at ground zero. They'd be telling their children, "See there, we did that 2 large buildings aren't there anymore."

  • Courtesy to victims' families

    This time around, bleeding heart liberals are just wrong! Let's face it: the terrorists who committed 911 did it for their religion. Let us not reward them by allowing their fellow Muslims, however well-intentioned, to build a house of worship where so many were murdered in the name of their faith.

  • Never!

    Ground Zero came about because of Islamic terrorists. They should not be allowed to erect a symbol of their religion upon the ground where many people were murdered. The plan of Islam is to become established in a country, and to invade it from the inside, and that is exactly what they are trying to do in this situation. It should not be allowed.

  • A powerful symbol of slow Islamic conquest

    They'll say that it's technically not on Ground Zero and that it's not just a mosque. That might be true, but that matters little to the ear of he who listens to the religious and political propaganda of the Muslim world. Like the Soviet Union in Stalin's time, the Muslim world wants to promote to the world and to their people the idea their ideology's dominance is an inevitable outcome of human history. Those who finance the Mosque's construction smile at this perceived weakness in the Western system, called freedom of religion. Throw and burn down the business machine of the West and erect in its place Islam in all its might. That's the understanding the Muslim world is willing to impute.

  • Another Victory Mosque

    A mosque at ground zero will built for the sole purpose of commemorating the martyrs who flew the aeroplanes into the WTC and to proclaim victory over the infidels of the USA by the arab death cult. Any other description is pure taqiyya, "Community Centre" maybe but for death cultists only so they may freely plot against the USA. A haven for the taliban and their supporters.

  • The group has the legal right to build there, but they should exercise discretion in choosing their location.

    The group that wants to build a mosque at ground zero has the legal right to build it there. But, they are showing remarkably poor judgment in choosing that location. It shows incredible insensitivity to the families of the victims that were killed by Muslim extremists. Imagine how the Muslim world would react if Christians tried to build a chapel outside the holy sites at Mecca. The building would be destroyed, and the people there would probably be badly injured or killed.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Ground Zero is not like any other soil in America and should be protected from a mosque.

    I believe in religious freedom and everyone should be able to practice their own religion. But Ground Zero is special earth and especially important to America. Even though Muslims say their religion does not agree with violence, no one denies who is responsible for 9/11. We are disrespecting the victims if we allow a mosque on soil at Ground Zero.

    Posted by: MycaMy
  • NO Mosue in NYC Ground Zero

    I know the first amendment states,
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. However, build it some place other than ground zero. Lets have respect for those who perished and their families. Sad liberals!

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