Should a Mother stay home with the Children especially when the Children are little?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Ideal family life

    Although staying at home should never involve mothers actually staying at home, they should be supported monetarily AND socially to stay at home for at least first three to five years of child's life. This not only leads to children without mental issues like depressions, anxiety, all those leading to problems like drug abuse or aggression, but it also helps to get stress off shoulders of both parents who as a result can lead healthier life together and thus be more productive until higher age.

  • Best case scenario

    Yes, whenever possible, I think it is in the best interest of the mom and young child if mom is the primary caretaker and if she has the opportunity to stay at home she should take it.
    It is such a critical time in the young child's life as far as emotional and behavioral development is concerned, why would any mom WANT to leave their child in the care of another?

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Galacticat says2016-02-22T16:37:19
Hmm, well I think someone should be there for the kid to raise it. Question is, where is the dad? Why is only one parent raising this child?