Should a new federal tobacco tax be used to fund universal preschool?

  • Yes it should be created to fund preschool

    Yes, I think that a new federal tobacco tax should be used to fund universal preschool.The federal government can make a surplus in tax revenue when it comes to taxing tobacco, and it would benefit society by using those taxes from tobacco for a universal preschool to help small children learn.

  • Yes, I guess.

    If the new federal tobacco tax is going to be used on anything, it would be all right if it is used on that. At the very least that helps the children of the country, and the parents to those children. Who can say no to having a well funded school for young kids?

  • I think so!

    I am not big on purchasing tobacco because the big corporations put chemicals in tobacco. If tobacco tax can help schools, then I am for it! Children in America are behind in math and science, and if they receive education early than maybe children can become more educated than previous generations!

  • I believe it should.

    Tobacco is a killer and if something good can come out of it, then yes, have a federal tax that funds preschool. We have so many taxes for silly things, and I think a tax to improve our school system, and mold the little ones would be wonderful. It might make people think twice before they light up.

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