Should a new timetable for American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan be established?

  • Yes I think so.

    American troops need to start withdrawing from Afghanistan, they have been their how long now? It is crazy. The troops need a break and need to be able to spend time with their family. There is no reason to drag this out so long when we should not have been their in the first place.

  • Getting Troops Home By End of 2014 Sufficient

    Getting American troops home by the end of 2014 is sufficient. The Afghani government has had enough time to prepare for the withdrawal of American troops so they can take care of their own security issues. When troops leave, Al-Qaeda's presence should be lessened unless they rebel against Karzai's government put in place by the American government.

  • Their pulling out

    The president has already set a date for when all of the American troops will be pulled from Afghanistan and come home. A new time should not be set, since the one recently set is a good and accomplishable time, that will bring our troops home soon and after job completion.

  • Not for the sake of withdrawing.

    No, there should not be a new time line for American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan, because there is no sense in withdrawing from Afghanistan just to stay that we did. As long as there is still the threat of terrorism in the country, we would be doing ourselves a disservice to withdraw before the job is done.

  • Americans Need to Leave Afghanistan

    The fact of the matter is that Americans do not belong in Afghanistan. The current time table is effective for leaving the country and does not need to be changed, though. Without a doubt, any changes should only accelerate this time table to get our troops out of Afghanistan quickly.

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