Should a non-custodial parent be forced to pay child support when they don't want to be a part of the child's life?

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  • Yes, the child came from your sperm, thus the child is forever yours

    Even if you want out of your child's life, no one told you to have sex in the first place. Didn't want to use a condom? Your decision, be an adult, know what your possible consequences' are if you have sex. Abortion? Just so you can get out of paying? Pathetic, what right do you have to force a women to KILL her, much less YOUR baby. It's the woman's decision ultimately whether or not she will keep the baby, you have no say considering she is the carrier. The parent would have to go under emotional and physical strain taking care of a child on ones own. All you have to do is pay for what they need, you wouldn't need to deal with all the OTHER things such as loving and caring for said child. Plus, the average cost to raise a child as a single parent is usually too high to support. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Of course they should- still their kid.

    If you don't want to be a part of a child's life, take better precautions not to have children. Except in the case of adoption, a non-custodial parent still has a responsibility for the health and well being of their biological child. End of story. Once a child is born, no man or woman has the right to run out on their responsibilities towards that child just because they don't want to.

  • Yes, you have a responsibility

    The child remains your responsibility even if you did not want the child and your partner remains staunchly pro-life. Legally, a non-custodial parent must still pay support. Morally, I think of this situation analogously to that of a contract. If you willfully entered into agreement, you must deal with the consequences.

  • Yes. And here is why:

    When a man has sex with some woman he barely knows and she gets pregnant, oopps. Well, your combined feelings on having children or not is invalidated immediately. It may not seem fair, but society, morality, and monetary systems dictate you must support the brat. If you do not want to participate in the kid's life, well, then one of my colleagues will have the kid on the couch about 3 years. Win Win.

  • Its a responsibility

    Frankly im a single mother I get NO child support from the father when talking about it hes throws a fit beging me no to get him for child support yet he wants to tell me hes the dad he can see her whenever he wants how about no if you were a real dad you would step up and help support the child you help make it takes two you he wants visitations I want some kind of help supporting the child

  • If the child was unintended.

    If I did everything in my power to keep a girl from getting pregnant, because I absolutely loathe children, and she still does, AND the girl is a staunch pro-life person, then I shouldn't have to pay for anything, because I did everything in my power (aside from not having sex), to keep the girl from getting pregnant, and it just so happens that since she is the girl, she has the legal rights to the fate of the child.

  • NO. Its fucked up. And I'm a woman!

    NO. A woman has a choice. Multiple choices. She can have an abortion, Or give it up for adoption. If the father doesn't want to be a part of it's life. Especially if its a one night stand. No one is forcing the woman to have the baby. If she's grown enough to have it knowing there are alternatives, She is grown enough to take care of it by herself. Mostly because it was her decision to have the child and keep it. I don't pity single mom's who've had the baby out of wedlock from a one night stand. Honestly, You need to look at the situation and say to yourself, "Am I read to have a child? Do I accept all the financial responsibilities of this child? Am I prepared to raise it in a loving, Healthy, And nurturing environment ALONE IF THE FATHER DOES NOT WANT IT? " If the answer is no to any of these, You should not independently be bringing another human being into this world if you are not able to support it.

  • Child support after 8 1/2 yrs of not knowing

    Im a step parent . We found out 2 yrs ago that my husband had another child. Mother had to get insurance and had to prove whom the father was. After serveral men tested my husband was the the winner. We accepted it and so did our childern with open arms. Its been 2 yrs now paying child support on time n inviting her to stay with us every other weekend as judgement said. Its been since Christmas day since we seen the child. So 3 months. She hasnt wanted to come "she can't sleep" is her excuse. Mother has her on prescribed melatonin. Anyway does anyone know if he were to sign off rights if we would still be responsible for support? Mother didnt want him in childs life from get go and it took 8+yrs to even let him know that he had a child n she was shocked we wanted to be part of their life. So I think he shouldnt be responsible to have to pay anymore if she no longer want to visit.

  • No no no

    What if you do take all the precaution and still get pregnant . Then what. A family member took all her boyfriends condoms and put holes in them to become pregnant . Plus she stopped taking her pills. She wanted to get pregnant so if they split up she would get money . He has a very good job.

  • Women are in full control

    We get all the choices they get none . Absolutely not fair in a society that can accept same sex marrige and all the other crazy stuff. But a hetero sexual man has no say no choice. I have seen this from both prospectives women have fought for many years for there rights but when it comes to paying for them it's the mans responsibility. If women want rules to be traditional then we need to teach the females in our lives to respect themselves traditionally . Child support can be a devistating blow and keep you in poverty for a long time. It's time the laws become equal again and women start respecting themselves and not be promiscuous.

  • Each situation is different

    If the father didn't part of the child's life from the gate then he shouldn't have to pay and should sign over his rights as the father. Some woman are crazy out there and want to have children just to trap men or just to have children at any cost

  • Children should not mean "payday"

    I say "no" ... I am a woman and if i do not protect myself from getting pregnant; i should and would not ask or demand child support. If a woman can spread her legs, she should bare the responsibility. If a man wants to give money to support. That should be his choice alone.

  • Every situation is different so back off

    I had a 23 yr old girl take advantage of me while I was drunk and passed out... I had just turned 19 and she thought it would be a good idea to trap me considering I'm in the navy I know this because her brother admitted to telling her that she can get free medical and my money against my will and I wouldn't be in the picture for at least a couple of year and even then I would have to throw my own life away so don't sit here and say we always have a choice I am forced to pay the person who raped me for the next 21 years and couldn't even see the child for at least 5 of those years whether or not I wanted too

  • Woman are vindictive

    I don't believe in child support if a girl wants to have a child either both parents raise the child with you're own money or don't have a child. Too many women have kids for wrong reasons a lot try to trap guys to keep them in their life I'm living proof. But yet two people can have sex and if the guy wants a child the mom can say no and abort.. What about men's rights!!!!???????

  • This society believes that the non-custodial parent has to be a FATHER

    Well guess what, it can be a MOTHER too. Sometimes they don't want the baby. There are a lot of dead beat dads but just as many dead beat moms. So everyone, stop giving men such a bad rap. I'm not a father or anything, I'm actually a teenage girl and I know this. Shame on you all.

    But I digress...

    I said "no" because sometimes women do things to have kids even when the men don't want the baby like lying about being on the pill or pricking condoms. If I was the man in that situation, I'd be so angry.

    Overall though, I believe (unless it's rape) sex requires consent from both sides and therefore, a woman who is left pregnant by a man she had a one night stand with deserves to be pregnant if she doesn't protect herself and is willing to have careless sex. Same for the man. He deserves to be in that situation of paying child support if he's willing to have careless sex. Both have to take responsibility. Or just have an abortion or give it up for adoption.

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