Should a parental guidance sticker be put on the Bible?

Asked by: Contejour
  • Yes I believe so

    The bible has some of the most gruesome scenes in any book ever written , God alone kills 2.8 million people it has rape , incest, genocide , plagues , torture and by any definition is a despicable book to expose children too and therefore should have a PG sticker on it it's definitely top shelf material

  • Considering all other violent book do, yes.

    Religious book or not, it should follow the same laws as other books. Just because it's the Bible. That should not make it above the law. If the parents want there kid to read the book that bad they should buy it for them themselves. I mean it's not like it even matters. When is the last time any kid you know actually bought a bible for himself? Usually its the parents that buy it.

  • Yes, most definitely

    Consider what is written in the Bible. If a film or video game had stories about theft, rape, murder, incest, genocide and the eventual destruction of humanity, people would be up in arms if there weren't some sort of regulation against children seeing it. The Bible, much like any other book, is a piece of literature and should be treated as such.

  • Burn in Hell

    Anyone who can possibly be in favour of putting a PG sticker on the bible is clearly an uneducated, apostate satan worshipper. God will have his judgement on you for having commented on this. Is it getting hotter here, or is it just you? Lucifer summons you my friend 66666666666

  • No, I am sorry, but no.

    It really creeps me out that people want the government to dictate religion or religion to dictate the government. The seperation of religion and government was conceived for a reason and that is to protect civil liberties. There is already a parental guidance system in place and that is, wait for it, PARENTS. Who would have thunk it? ;)

  • Why would someone do that...

    I think it's absolutely absurd to have to put a PG sticker on a Bible. God made this Earth and this is the story of how our creation happened. These are basically life lessons summed up into one book that makes us who we are today. So of course I will say no as I am a life long Christian and a conservative.

  • There is no need

    Children dont need their parents guidence for it.
    It would costs alot of $ makeing all those useless stickers and putting them on there, and it would cost much more if it was manadates a huge waste of resources time and $ then they would want to put the sticker on everything else too. Those stcikers are hard to get off too.

  • It's nearly harmless

    It is true that there are some gruesome moments in the Bible, but it does not give any imagery of swords speeding into people's faces of blood, guts, heads, spears and arrows flying around a battlefield. In fact, it does not at all go beyond stating the basic things that happen. As for the possibility of Christian parents buying Bibles for their kids, they are mature adults and know which parts of the Bible God is and isn't okay with babies reading, so no harm will be done.

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fluffybunnypuff says2013-10-01T22:47:24.473
Like a sticker is going to deter parents from letting their children read it? Most parents know whats in the bible and enoucouge their children to read it if they are chrsitians, even if they arnt chstiians many think the bible has god teachings in it related to morality. Whoever in favor of mandates stickers on bibles is wana be totaliran who proably wants everyone to live in isolated boxes w no tv no internet no socializeing...
Contejour says2013-10-02T07:07:43.600
The poor kids having to read that tripe
Loveshismom says2014-05-15T11:45:50.063
It's not hurting them, Contejour.