Should a pathway to citizenship be made available to all non-citizens residing in the U.S.?

Asked by: eb101010
  • Let them be legal

    If we could make it easier for an illegal immigrant to get citizenship they could become legit tax payers. When our nation is in so much debt registering illegal immigrants as tax payers could really help. They are going to work here anyways if they are illegal so we might as well make them citizens so they could pay taxes.

  • I don't really have a stance

    I don't really have a stance but, because I am the creator of this topic, I was required to select a stance. I understand both sides. Yes, they are people in our country so they will be directly affected by the laws passed and all that stuff, so they should be able to get citizenship. However, I also understand how legal immigrants might have their citizenship turned away because of the illegal immigrants. But, they are already here and we send 11.7 MILLION people back home, especially because of the price they payed to get here, so I guess I might be leaning a little more to the pro side.

  • Immigrants are Dangerous!

    In Los Angeles, 95% of all outstading warrants for homicide target illegal immigrants, as do 2/3 of all fugitive felony warraents. That fact is from discoverthenetworks.Org. The current estimate of illegal immigrants in the U.S. Ranges from about 7 million to 20 million. That concludes our short argument of the negative side.

  • Um hell no

    They are taking our jobs! Send them back to where ever they came from!! They will most likely be apart of the poor population and will probably be eligible for welfare and sorry I am so sick of paying into people who don't deserve a damn penny! Get them out of here! I swear we are the only country that actually lets people in to our country illegally and when they get caught we just send them back. That isn't solving anyone. If i was to cross over into Iran or Iraq I would be shot and killed for trespassing! The same should happen here!

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ararmer1919 says2013-11-19T03:12:49.933
There's already a process like that. It's called "illegals go the heck back to where you came from then try to come here again only this time the LEGAL way." It's a new thing. Not in full development or practice yet. =)
eb101010 says2013-11-19T03:38:49.960
:) well imagine if you were an illegal immigrant and you and your family was forced to leave because you live in a violent neighborhood where people get killed often and you were forced to be sent back there from the US because you had sought safety without the legality and you risked getting killed by maybe crossing the border or other things. There are endless scenarios. I see where you're coming from and I know something has to change but we shouldn't make generalizations about this
ararmer1919 says2013-11-19T15:02:15.400
That first time they left and decided to cross the border illegally was their choice not mine. They had all the ability and chance to come here legally which would have been fine and dandy with me but they made thier choice. So of that's where they get sent back to that crap hole then that's on them not me. Please don't try and sell me some sob story. I'm not heartless and I do feel bad for them it's just that I'm also a realist and everyone on earth has a sob story so I don't lose much sleep over this. Fact is that they made thier choice. If they choose wrong it's not my fault.
chengste says2013-11-19T16:13:10.867
@eb the neighborhood you talk about could be Chicago or Detroit. There are legal steps to take my spouse did so.
ararmer1919 says2013-11-19T21:37:02.770
See what I mean.
eb101010 says2013-11-20T03:11:24.120
I was trying to see both sides of the argument I agree with you guys too.