Should a person be allowed to fight (physically) to protect oneself from bullying?

Asked by: yodog357
  • This needs to be allowed.

    Today, we support all sorts of anti-bullying laws and wear certain colors to show "anti-bullying". However, this is a bad approach. We try to teach the current generation to avoid violence at all costs. However, we need to teach them to stand up for themselves. Make a generation of frightful wimps is not what we need to do, we need to teach them to not back down.

  • Of course! Its called self deffence!

    If you are being, harrased and attacked then of course you defend yourself. Yes your supposed to tell a teacher or one of high autority but come on, if you dont fight back you will only encourage the bully to going further thinking that your a pansy who always flees to authority because teachers arent always watching.

  • Only in the case of physical bullying

    If a bully is constantly pushing you or punching you or something violent or physical then yes, but if it's just threats and them talking about you behind your back or teasing you than no. The thing is, hitting someone always ends poorly, so you might as well avoid that road as long as possible.

  • Yes and no

    In my opinion a person should be able to fight back physically against bullying and more specifically bully's, obviously I don't mean with the use of weapons but if the person is able to why not deck whomever it is bullying them. However telling a teacher or parent should be the first step, but in reality that doesn't usually work.

  • Yes, you have the right to defend yourself.

    People who disagree with defending yourself from physical bullying are weak people who are ignorant and know nothing. I hate that school boards are against self defense, I know they want to discourage fighting, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...YES you have the right to defend yourself if you're being pushed, shoved, punched, kicked, or hit by a bully you have every right to do it right back to them. If they're calling you names but not hitting you, you don't have a right to hurt them, unless they say it to you first. But people with anger issues will hit the bully just for calling them names. Other than that, yes a person should be allowed to defend themselves against physical bullying.

  • Yes, of course.

    People say things like, no, you just have to go get help from authority. It's not quite that simple is it? Trying to walk to an authority figure with someone assaulting you. It's ridiculous how you get punished from defending yourself from someone's attack. They say, should have just gotten help. They say that regardless of the circumstance. Be it the assailant is holding you to the fucking ground or not.

  • Yes, if they have to

    It's not a result anybody should be hoping for, but if there's no other alternative to making the bullying stop, sometimes fighting is needed to send the message that this behavior is not acceptable and it needs to stop. People need to be allowed to defend themselves, even if it's not a desirable outcome.

  • Eye for and Eye, or something like that

    The victim's reaction to the bullying depends on whether he/she is undergoing verbal or physical bullying. If the bullying is verbal, then there is no reason to physically go after the bully. However, if the bully physically harms you, then you have a right to defend yourself because citizens have the right to defend themselves as long as they don't go all "Gung-Ho" and send the bully to the morgue or something like that. So the overall thesis is, if the bully is physically bullying you, then yes, you have the right to physically defend yourself.

  • Bullying is not always physical

    If one is being bullied verbally, which is probably the most common variant of it, then the one being bullied should be expected to retort with words. If they don't want to, they should seek help.

    If it is indeed physical bullying, then fighting back is simply a "fight." There's nothing wrong with this. Likewise, if one does not wish to fight, they should seek assistance from authorities. Let the fights begin.

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