Should a person be allowed to fight (physically) to protect oneself from verbal abuse?

Asked by: yodog357
  • Yes you should

    The old saying sticks and stones is outdated as you’ve seen there’s just so much a person can take and words definitely do damage to the spirit unless you are friends that’s another story, Abuse is abuse and you have a right to defend yourself a good kick in the mouth should put an end to it

  • In ways you could.

    I think yes if the bullying has gone out of control. At first if its just teasing about you, you can tell them to back off or something. But if it's like a whole bunch of people chanting mean things about you, I would think you would have the right to fight for your defense.

  • Yes, they should...

    What if you can't speak, you should be allowed to fight with your body. Like,if you have trouble speaking and someone is calling you names... You really should be able to defend yourself with your body like I said before. But you should NOT be able to fight if you are not defending someone!

  • Should we prevent physical repercussions

    No, if someone is getting bullied the bully should expect some form of repercussion. Obviously weapons or death threats should not be use but a verbal repercussion is to be expected. If the verbally abused person chooses to react violently why should it be a problem. Sure the outcomes and damages are far more visible, but at least this opens up a way to protect ones self if they are incapable of verbal communications.

  • It is disproportionate

    It would be more reasonable to retaliate against verbal abuse with verbal abuse. Though I don't even recommend that. For the most part words are just words. It is a CHOICE to allow them to effect you or not. There is an exception, words can sometimes have effects outside your control when they influence other people's opinions of you and then those other people do things like deny you a job or take other actions against you. In that case you are a victim of libel and slander and can sue the person, you don't need to beat them up.

  • No, fighting is never an option.

    A person should not be allowed to fight to prevent verbal abuse. People need to suck it up and be man enough to not be bothered by the things people say. Fighting is a terrible solution to any problem. Fighting is for people who are cowards on the inside. We should never resort to fighting.

  • No, reply in kind!

    There is not much to say about it really. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a PhD in morality to figure this one out. Words should be fought with words. Physical strength has nothing to do with intelligence and wisdom (not directly, at least)! The license to turn it into a physical fight will give unfair advantage to masculine, pugnacious and truculent dumbos that are predisposed to resorting to violence even when it needs only a few wise words.

    It would NOT solve more problems than it would inevitably create!

  • Clearly For People Who Cannot Maturely Solve Their Problems.

    Why would this be allowed? You are only opening the door to further conflict not to mention it is one thing to be verbally harassed and than argue with the person, but if you instigate a fight simply on that alone there is not any reason to justify it. How are you "Protecting" Yourself by inflicting unnecessary violence on others?

  • Of Course Not!

    What ever happened to "sticks and bones"? You just easily ignore it (unless your a stereotypical teenage girl). As many said before. Violence is not the answer. What would stop a government from "physical protecting itself" from verbal abuse? School fights would become the norm as teenage women destroy eachother.

  • It would only make it worse

    The fact that you are being called names or stuff like that might have a reason, at least that is the most common. If you are already labeled with something, why make it worse by making them label you as the spontaneous fighter or as the unpredictable girl. I have thought of using violence too, but I am sure it would make it worse. I did it once but it was long long ago--like in fourth grade--and nobody remembers it.

  • Let us use violence to suppress freedom of speech!

    Unfortunately, sooner or later we are all criticized and called names, and even slandered and libeled. Our emotional reactions to this vary, but we often feel abused just because of what someone said or wrote. We can all claim to be damaged by this, and as such justify violence to stop someone from saying or writing things we do not like. This is impractical. Sooner or later we would all end up kicking each other in the teeth for hurting our feelings.

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Masonh928 says2016-06-26T19:53:30.750
No, just file a lawsuit! Be a liberal! :) lol