• Being a proud homosexual

    Yes people should be proud of who they are especially if it is something like this that they can not help or change and also if it is not hurting any one else. If they can accept their selves other people will do the same. If they are proud they will build their self esteem.

  • Be proud of who you are.

    This is question is almost insulting. Even coming from me who is not a homosexual. Whether you are strait, gay, a plumber, photographer, sportsman, whatever, you should always be proud of who you are. And if you are not, then get proud and if anyone dislikes it, it is truly there loss.

  • Absolutely! A gay person should be proud!

    Yes. Gay people should be proud of who they are; not hide who they are or pretend to be something they're not. A gay person should not be ashamed of his sexuality.

    I believe that being gay is perfectly alright and that the happier one is being gay, the better life decisions one will make. Now, I think we have to distinguish between over-sexualization and being gay. To me being gay is being attracted to the same sex and having enough respect for oneself to make safe, healthy, beneficial decisions.

    We should never associate gayness with unrestrained promiscuity. That perception is dangerous and can have long-term negative effects.

  • I'm proud to make a difference

    A person's sexuality shouldn't be a burden, so why is it that only gay that are being objectified, being the outcast and perceived as unnatural? Until straight come to learn we are born into this world without choosing who we love then they can start to realize we are born as one. LOVE IS LOVE!

  • You are who you are.

    Everyone is different. Some like men, and some like women. Some like both. People shouldn't be judged by their beliefs, but by who they are. Some think that being gay is a sin, but people were born that way. People don't get to choose whether they're gay or straight, and they should be proud of themselves, gay or not.

  • Proud to be gay

    I am very proud of this I am married to a wonderful man we work and pay our own way just like everyone else does our families support us as well as our friends our church is also behind us we have a lot of straight family and friends an they don't have a problem

  • Proud to be Human

    I don't understand why a person would not be proud of who they are. I am a bi-sexual person. I am proud of who I am. When you do not love who you are, it causes you problems. I see us all as human. If you love a man, women, yellow submarine, you should be proud of it.

  • No, a person should not be proud of being a homosexual

    No, a person should not be proud of being a homosexual any more than a person should be proud of being straight. I believe that it is things like this that prevent people from accepting alternative lifestyles as normal. If we are celebrating alternative lifestyles by having parades and such, we should be doing the same for people who are straight. If not, we are advertising that this lifestyle is "different" and that will not lead to complete acceptance.

  • Gay pride is ridiculous

    Speaking as a bisexual, I think lgbt pride is ridiculous. Being lgbt isnt something you earned. Its just who you are. Did u earn blond hair or blue eyes? No why would u take pride in that. What u should take pride in is that trophy u worked so hard to EARN. Take pride in what has been earned not given. I take pride in my body because i put the work in to make it look good. The mist pride u should take in being lgbt is coming out because that can take guts. Just please stop with the gay pride crap.

  • Ononono no no

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  • Why? This will make the distance btw gay and straight further.

    I'm a lesbian. I think it's normal & every gay person wants people to think so. So I think we dont need to be proud when we're normal. We're just proud of something special, something excellent. Dont try to make being gay a special thing in community.. We just want to live in peace.

  • It is ridiculous

    I glad I found this debate, because I just don't understand what gay people have to be "proud" of. They can do what they want, but being gay is not natural. Our species would cease to exist if everyone was gay. All this LBGT in your face stuff and the whole gay pride BS is just their way of trying to cover up the fact that they are abnormal...And they know it. You can be gay....But there is nothing to be proud of. How about Ex-Con pride, Pedophile Pride, Obesity Pride, etc.

  • What would a homosexual be proud about?

    Not being able to naturally reproduce? Going against nature? Having a mental illness? Not suppressing their perverted sexual desires? I don't think there is any reason to be proud about having no self control. Sure there isn't a cure for sexual perversions now but dwelling in the sickness sure as hell doesn't do you any good.

  • I don’t find it normal or something to be proud of

    I don’t hate gays but I don’t support them being gay isn’t an achievement and I think it isn’t cause if it was then male genes would be able to make a baby but they can’t no man can get pregnant with another man or no woman can get pregnant with another woman it doesn’t work that way and being in a gay marriage you wouldn’t be able to continue your family and I think being gay isn’t normal or a choice

  • Poop on penis

    Why would you put your reproductive organ in a hole used for the removal of bodily waste and used for defacation. In the natural process of evolution gay would be phased out because it takes opposite sexes to reproduce and further the species in question. Being gay is alifestyle choice because it goes against the propagation of continueing the species. It would only take one generation of 100% gayness to make a species extinct.

  • What's the accomplishment?

    Nothing to be proud of here. There is no accomplishment. Unless you can figure out a way to end aids... No, wait a minute, there is a way. Stop having anal sex with somebody that has aids. There you go! I am proud I figured that out. I think I'll have my own parade and a special flag too!

  • Proud of what?

    What the hell kind of achievement is being homosexual? I'm straight, but I didn't achieve anything to be gay. I'm tired of this homosexual pride, it's gone too far, 99% of the homosexual community achieves nothing considering their life decision. I feel the same for transgender which besides the fact I know it is isn't real, has no achievement linked to it, and the same fir national ethnic pride or national pride unless you contribute for a cause.

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