Should a person be released from prison after being rehabilitated?

  • Yes if they serve their time

    Prison is a place for a person to serve out their sentence. If they have rehabilitated themselves and have served their time then they have every right to be released. Prison is not meant to ruin lives. Once the proper time has been served you deserve your rights back and a life.

  • As long as they're rehabilitated

    Prison shouldn't be a system of punishment. Punishment solves nothing. The only true punishment is to get a person to acknowledge their actions and live the rest of their lives with the guilt. And the only people who should never be released back into society are the ones that cannot be helped or rehabilitated. The others deserve better, even if their victims didn't.

  • Yes, someone can be released.

    Naturally there would need to be a set of criteria that need to be met because anyone can look rehabilitated but not really be. However, keeping people in prison for long periods of time is only going to ensure that they do revert to violence again and it would be best to let them out with some sort of parole and being followed.

  • Some criminals should be given a second chance.

    I think that after people pay their debt to society and have
    been rehabilitated, they should be released from prison. People should only be given life in prison
    for certain crimes like murder or high dollar white collar crime. Criminals with non-violent drug offenses should
    be released from prison and given a second chance.

  • Release Upon Sentence Completion

    I believe a person should be released from prison when their sentence is complete and I do not think it should be based on anything else. I believe a person, while in jail, could easily fain rehabilitation, only to be released and go back to their pre-prison self. I think prisoners should have to fulfill the sentence they were given.

  • They should still serve their time.

    Whether or not a person has been "rehabilitated" or not, I feel they should still be obligated to serve the remaning time of their sentence. I think them being rehabilitated is a great thing; however, as it could very well keep them out of trouble when they finally make it back to the outside.

  • Death Penalty Causes Wasteful Spending

    The death penalty is not the best way to deal with our worst criminals. The argument that it costs less is completely false, as it costs far less to imprison someone for life than it does to execute him or her. Furthermore, I think the worst possible situation is when an innocent person is executed. The justice system makes many more mistakes than we'd like to think, and many innocent people have been executed, and many more sentenced do death. Think about how much money is being wasted not just in that execution, but also in the aftermath of potential lawsuits and bad publicity. There are far better options than the death penalty.

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