Should a person ever die for what they believe in?

  • Yes and No

    Yes, because if they have faith that strong, and they are in that situation, then they should stay true to their beliefs. Take the shooting at that college in Oragon. The Christians there stood up for their belief even though they knew the guy would kill them.
    No, people shouldn't have to.

  • Some things are worth dying for

    Like the founding fathers, I believe freedom is worth every sacrifice. Many people die for their religious beliefs, I hope my faith is that strong. I would die to protect my wife and children, and my grandchildren. Many people die for their country and many kill other people for their country or for their religious beliefs.

  • Faith is akin to a shot in the dark.

    It is not worth risking your life for any belief, no matter how strongly you hold it. When we are intellectually honest, we frequently realize that our beliefs in the past have been inaccurate, and it is likely that we may still hold inaccurate beliefs in the present and future. To believe something so much that you are willing to die for it, is to be either terribly naive or completely dishonest with yourself.

  • I dont think its like that. He probably meant to be killed.

    And if thats the case, no. The constitution clearly states that we can believe in what we want. We have the right to life, liberty and property. Theres also more, such as believe (Wich falls under property). But, it may be meant in the way you think. In that case, yes.

  • Only for certain intances

    1) NEVER Ie for something you belive in. Only for something you KNOW in.
    2) In my religon, there are only 3 reasons you should die in order not to sin. (if asked to kill, to pray to other gods, and 1 other I won't say)
    3) If you are in any other situation, it is your free will.

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