Should a person have the right to end their life if they choose to?

Asked by: krantz
  • Yes! It's YOUR LIFE!

    I have crippling depression. It's been going on for 40 years of my 46 year old life!! Nothing has helped me. Not drugs, counseling, church...No thing! In fact, people treat me worse because of the fact that nothing has seemed to help!?!? I'M A FAILURE AT FINDING HELP?! Family, friends, everyone's given up on me. I'm tired of trying. It's been YEARS!!! My pain is unbearable.

  • It's my life

    I truly hope that by the time comes when I feel that my life it over that I have the right to end it in my own home painlessly. If you call out the vet when your dog is dying and they suggest putting it down because it's in pain then you do it to end the suffering. If you have a terminal illnesses and don't want to get to the suffering stages then that should be up to you.

  • Yes it's their decision.Respect that!

    Yes it's their decision.Respect that! Everyone has every right to do it.It's not selfish it's just is. Life belongs to their own. Just do it in a responsible manner where it doesn't create danger for the other people . We didn't get the choose to be born we should have the choice to end it

  • The government can a life, the people should have the same right.

    Regardless of the circumstances the individual should have the final say in endings their own life as long it doesn't physically harm anyone else.

    Suicide by cop, running into traffic, jumping off a building could put others lives in danger. But if I choose to take my life in a way that doesn't endanger anyone else, why does the government feel they can stop me?

  • Just being honest

    I've struggled with mental illness my entire life,it has been nothing but a roller coaster.I feel like a burden to my family and the few others around me.I feel I should have the right to go somewhere and end my suffering peacefully.Lets face it the world we have created is chaotic and is only getting worse as time goes on.I don't want anything to do with it.

  • Yes, adults have the right to inflict injury or death on themselves.

    Personal liberty should not be subject to laws, it is a sacred right. As long as the rights and property of others is not infringed on. All medicine should be sold over the counter in pharmacies without the restriction of a prescription. Guidance and recommendations should be provided, but not used to restrict access. People should be able to make discussions about their own health, they can chose to see a physician or not. Some patients such as diabetics and heart disease and many cancer patients know well what medicine to use and when. The possible exception is for medicines such as antibiotics since its abuse may result in the development of resistant strains exposing others to infections that are deadly or more difficult to treat.

  • Yes of course this right is yours.

    You are responsible for your life as soon as you become an adult in our society. As an adult you are allowed to do things that are harmful. Like eating processed foods that bring about terminal illnesses that kill you. You can take prescription drugs that kill you. Purchase product for your home that release gases that can kill you. But we draw the line at you killing yourself. You have to stay alive until living in this society kills you and that is regardless of any religious affiliation. You got that? It does not make sense. It may hurt you if they're gone. They may hurt, if they are forces to stay. In any case there could be pain. Still every person has that choice. In reality can you really stop them?

  • Yes it's their decision.Respect that!

    Everyone has every right to do it.It's not selfish it's just is. Life belongs to their own. Just do it in a responsible manner where it doesn't create danger for the other people . We didn't get the choose to be born we should have the choice to end it

  • Yes, I do believe that everyone should have the right to decide when to end their life.

    When people think that it is time to end their lives, they think about the reasons why that is. Then when they come to a conclusion and thought about why they thought that thought, they find some positive thoughts about why they don't want to end their life. When that happens they let themselves do what they want and don't let anyone tell them what they can and cannot do because they have their own freewill. Freedom is a key is because everyone has the rights to do what they want when they want (As long as it is not illegal). No one can stop them from doing what they want to do. ITS THEIR LIFE, DON'T RUIN IT BECAUSE IT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT!!!!

  • A right to life should include the right to end life.

    We have control over so few things in this world. I think how and when we leave should be one of them. While I'm a bit leery of people ending their life just because they've had a few bad days, and of course it shouldn't be the end result of mental illness. I think that a terminally ill person with no hope of recovery should be allowed to leave in a manner of their own choosing.

  • No, life is too precious.

    The question here is not about euthanasia, but suicide. I personally attempted to commit suicide in ninth grade. Fortunately, I did not know that it took more than 100 ibuprofen pills to kill a chubby 5'9" kid. All I got was some horrible stomach cramps and a whole lot of diarrhea. I thought it was my choice, but now I see that God gave me life, it is not up to me to choose to throw it in the dumpster just because I don't like the trials he has handed me.

  • No for sickness and maybe for sadness

    I understand that people should have there choice and that ending their life would be a good idea. The thing is that does that person want to die for a temporary problem? Then there is the thought that they might even be able to get some help and pick up the pieces of their life instead of taking the easy way out. Then if therapy and nothing works, they have every right. Then if there is a surgery and someone wants to die, I say they have the right if they are doomed to die, but if there is a chance there is no way that temporary pain will let somebody kill themselves

  • No, we should not have the right to end our lives.

    There is a reason for everything that happens to us in our life. We all have a purpose here. This is call the meaning of life.

    Terminating our life will be the easy way out and most of the time the easy way out is not the best choice.

    I believe that even if we terminate our lives not to suffer our souls will come back to this life and we will live the same experience again, different bodies but same soul.

    We need to be positive and stick with what is given to us.

  • No, all humans have a basic survival instinct.

    If this instinct is missing it can only mean that the individual is not of sound mind. If they are not of sound mind then they lose the right to make life and death decisions. The only exception being in the case of terminal illness and the reason is that if not for extreme measures by medical science the person would be dead.

  • What about the love?

    Most people kill them selves because of depression, bullying, losing a loved one, but even if you want to kill yourself there are still people who look out for you who love you and who truly want to lend a hand but if you don't let them grab it you will never heal from your depression, loss of a loved one, or bulling if you don't accept the help. If you think about it even deeper the people who love and care about you don't want you to die, and if you kill yourself you might want them to do the same and I know most people don't want that to happen.

    So the message I want all of you readers to get from this is to think about the loved ones and the ones who love you before you even think about doing something this outrageous.

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