Should a person seek to be rich (yes) or poor (no)?

  • Yes, of the two, riches are the better goal

    Many people seek to be poor, without even knowing they are
    doing so. Such people may be impoverished by bad habits, by laziness, or by a
    failure to plan. How much wiser they would be to seek to be rich, or at least to
    be respectably self-supporting, by planning ahead, working hard and eliminating
    costly and time wasting bad habits. The quest for riches may not be the noblest
    goal, but it is a better goal than poverty.

  • Yes, a person shuld seek to be rich

    A person should seek to be rich in wisdom, energy, and happiness. A person should not seek to be wealthy with money. A person should always want to improve who they are as a person and be an impact to the people around them. People should work to be the best they can be.

  • Yes, I think a person should seek to be rich.

    I think everyone should strive to be rich in life, while most will never achieve it I think the goal of obtaining as much money as possible to be able to provide a quality standard of living for yourself and your family is something that everything should be driven to work towards.

  • Obviously, nobody wants to be poor

    I would say that I believe that a person should seek to be happy. This does not necessarily have anything to do with being rich. You can be happy and live a comfortable lifestyle. If being rich is your goal in life, then by all means go for it, but it should not be the only thing that drives you in life.

  • People should seek to be poor.

    Although it might seem counter-intuitive to say so, people should seek to be poor. This is because too much negative consequences result when people seek to be rich. Gang violence, theft, murder, and more all happen because people are seeking wealth. If people were content to be poor, we would also have less stress in the world.

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