Should a person's bad credit history affect employers' decision to hire or fire them?

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  • No, a person's bad credit history should affect an employer's opinion on them.

    It would be unfair for a person to be judged by an employer just because they have a bad credit history. I think that it would not accurately judge just how much a good or bad worker can be. An individual with a bad credit history might just be the victim of bad financial circumstances.

  • It Is Really None Of Their Business

    That is unless the companies credit is tied to the employees credit. I do not know any companies who do that though. If a person has not been locked up for fraudulent charges, or has a case pending for fraudulent charges, then it does not concern the employer. The person could of just went through a rough patch. That does not make the employee or future employee a bad person. Employers who do this probably waste some good talent. Serves them right.

  • A person's bad credit history should not affect employers' decision to hire or fire them.

    A person's bad credit history should not affect employers' decision to hire or fire them. I believe that a credit score should only be used when making a large purchase such as a home, boat, vehicle, etc. I do not think it should play any part in your job. Credit scores are touchy anyway and choosing not to hire or firing someone for what happened ten or so years ago is wrong.

  • No, a person's credit history should be off limits to employers.

    It is very wrong for employers to use a person's credit history as the basis for either hiring or firing them. A bad credit history does not necessarily point to an irresponsible person. Many credit histories have been destroyed by medical debt, job loss, divorce, or other events outside of a person's control. Employers are unfairly discriminating against people who have already suffered emotional and financial setbacks.

  • Not at all

    No, a credit history is not going to let you know how a person is going to work or not. It is just going to let you know that you may not need to loan them out a large sum of money, because they may not be good at paying it back.

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