Should a Photo ID be required to register for social media?

  • ID verification should be an option

    I agree the need for ID on social should be implemented. This will help combat criminality going on on the platform but also would help minor but more widespread online bulling. I think a good halfway house would be an option for submit your ID, Give those who do some sort of viable verification "tick" a bit like the blue tick on twiter for celebs. Then you could easily filer out all those without the verification, You see nothing thats posted from anyone thats not verified and nothing you post can be seen from those non-verified.

  • Do it for the children

    Requiring people to have a valid photo ID to register for services like Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram will prevent minors under 13 from joining just by lying about their age. It can also be used to monitor criminal activity and prevent crime such as terrorism or pedophilia online. Requiring IDs for basic services is a step towards national security.

  • It infringes upon privacy.

    This would make people scared to speak out with dissenting opinions and it would make identity theft, Data collection, And harassment easier and more commonplace. Anonymity allows people who disagree with governments to speak out without consequence. Additionally, Criminal activity on social media is very rare and even when it is present it is not well organized or it is just bots giving out numbers of drug dealers and it is not centered on social media.

  • Privacy is important

    Privacy is more important than security. What about people without IDs? People would be scared to speak out with differing opinions because the government may not like it, People they know may not like it, Or an employer may not like it. National Security is not important whatsoever. Privacy is a human right, If giving up my privacy would prevent 9/11 then to bad, I would not do it.

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