Should a piece of wreckage in the shape of a cross be included among the artifacts to be displayed in the 911 memorial?

  • It sould be included

    WTF! Are people seriously arguing about this stupid crap. Did some dumb*ss Liberal start this. "Oh, man. It's shaped like a cross! It must mean something!" Just because it is shaped like a cross, doesn't mean it is ky one or has the significance of one. You're an IDIOT if you say no to this one. This just brings out the true IGNORANCE of people who say no to this one. And I'm not sorry for saying that. It's hard to believe that some people in this world are that stupid, and sadly, we have those people running this country because these idiots voted those idiots in.

  • It is symbolic

    It is not going against another religion. I, as a Christian, would not be offended if there was a Star of David. The first amendment states; Congress SHALL MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof... The cross at ground zero is not a law. The PC police have gone overboard with this.

  • It is part of the event.

    Many people oppose. However if they don't like it then don't look at it. The cross was there to show us that God is with us even in our hardest times. It is something more than a piece of beam, it is hope. Is this not a dictatorship, when Non-Christians say that this cross can't be shown in the memorial just because it is Christian.

  • Its just plain stupid

    If the shape of piece of debris is in a cross shape, it doesnt mean a thing. Sure the shape of the debris is in a religious symbol, but many sections (it looks like a girder in the photo shown) of girder are in shapes of crosses, x's l's and many other shapes! Its just a lower case t for crying out loud!

  • It's disrespectful to a lot of people

    This sort of thing makes it look like this was a religious attack against Christians by Muslims - which wasn't the case. It makes it also look like the people who died were Christians, or that mostly Christians were affected, which forgets all the other people that were harmed and who deserve to be remembered. Give the wreckage to a church, so that they can have it.

  • Just another target.

    Besides the fact that it wasn't just Christians who died in the events of 9/11, but also Jews, Sikhs, and yes even some Muslims, this will really only act as another symbolic target for extremists. The only thing stronger than a symbol when it comes to invigorating a people is the destruction of another people's symbol.

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