• Police officers should be required to record all interaction with public

    I am in full support of police officers being required to record all interactions with the public. Just like any other scenerio where a worker has to deal with the public in a not so friendly way, the recordings serve as protection for the officer and the person they are interacting with. Far too many stories of police brutality and the official statements constantly ring the same message, "Please do not second guess our police force, they do what they have to in order to protect and serve, the video released to the public was a one sided capture of the event and is under investigation." If officers record all interaction from start to finish, there is a play by play from start to finish that neither side can dispute.

  • Yes, I think a police officer should be required to record their interactions with the public.

    I think for public accountability and safety I think every police officer should be required to have a taped interaction when dealing with the public, this helps both the police officer and the general public when challenges arise in court about the incident you have clear and solid video of it.

  • Yes, they should.

    Police officers salaries are paid by tax dollars and they are supposed to be there to protect and serve the people. It is important that police forces be completely transparent. People would like and trust them more, and they would probably end up liking their jobs more than they used to.

  • Police should be required to record their interactions with the public for their own protection as well as the publics.

    Recording police interaction with the public would provide a hard record of what takes place during police calls. This would eliminate the public versus authority aspect of court by providing validation to one or both party's claims in court. It would also deter police brutality as well as inappropriate behavior on the part of civilians.

  • Police recording every interaction is not practical

    For a police officer to record every interaction with the public is not practical or even worthwhile. How are they supposed to cuff a suspect and video tape at the same time? Or calm a crime victim, rescue a child or question a suspect and also record themselves. While it might weed out the few bad cops, the impracticality of it makes it not worthwhile.

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