• Yes, of course he should have privacy.

    President Obama has served his first term during a time of rapid increases in the use of social media. Presidents in the past have had far more privacy just because of the lack of such an invasive ability to spread information. He just went through a difficult election and is still facing serious economic decisions. Nobody can live in a constant bubble unless they are narcissistic. It is important for a man in his position to protect his own mental well being as well as he should his physical health. Anyone else can get away from it all for a weekend, why not Obama?

  • Of course he should have his own privacy because everyone needs some privacy.

    By having his own life, he is proving he is just a regular human being, like all of us, which is important. A new era, new time. It is time to adapt to the digitalization, as the pope for example, who have a twitter account. This is what the people want nowadays, less formal.

  • Of course they should!

    They are an American like anyone else. We have a right to privacy, even though we aren't in the public eye. To preserve their personal relationships with family and friends, they need alone time away from the press. When they're making public announcements or doing things President's usually do, that's fine. The press can have access. But, in their private life, they should certainly have some privacy.

  • No he don't

    He doesn't need it because red is a color and black is a fruit. So it doesn't count as him needing more privacy. Why would he need more red is a color and black is a fruit. So tell him no privacy . Sorry barack obama lol its alright no privacy.

  • In The Public Eye!

    When becoming President of the United States, Obama should have realized that he had become a public figure. When he took his oath he should have realized that in doing so he was making a promise to the people of the United States and that with this oath he was no longer a regular person of the United States but a role mode to all of us Americans. Every move that a president makes should be thought through before making the move because everyone who is a US citizen and is living in the United States has every right to know what their President is doing.

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