Should a privately owned bake shop be forced to create a pro-homosexuality themed cake if ordered?

Asked by: MyWoodenHeart
  • If you open a public business you are required to sell to everyone.

    The ACLU filed a brief about why the First Amendment does not give a commercial business license to offer services to the general public and then turn around and violate a state’s public accommodation law. These laws provide that a public business (public being the key word) cannot discriminate against costumers because of their race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other characteristic. If we allow one store to discriminate against the LGBTQ community then we would have to allow other stores to deny service to people they deem have "too dark" skin.

    Having a public business means you serve the public. All your goods and services should be accessible to everyone. When this is not followed you get many of the town in the south (during the civil rights movements and even today) that will not serve people of color.

  • Anti- Discrimination laws and Social View

    They cant be forced to but anti-discrimination laws say that you cant discriminate based on sexuality. That a business would is going against and the customer could file a complaint therefore either the business will be forced to do the cake or get a fine or go to court. Most likely is a fine. However being discriminate is a horrible thing and based on a business view, if they refuse this customer the public view of their business may go down. So the bakery would have to look at the consequences before being discriminate due to sexuality.

  • Everyone has a right to live a normal life

    Homosexuals are human beings too. They should be allowed to eat wherever they want, buy whatever they want, and live a peaceful life just like anyone else.

    To say that forcing a bake shop to service a homosexual is going against traditional marriage is like saying that forcing a Christian baker to make a Jewish cake is going against Christianity.

  • Freedom to not make money.

    From my perspective, I'd charge a pretty penny to make that cake. Shortly thereafter, donate the proceeds to traditional marriage groups across the country, and call it a day.

    But not everyone thinks that far ahead. Sadly, you don't have the freedom to choose who you do business with in America, despite the "evil capitalist regime" theme that liberals have pinned on it. The only freedom you have here is to own a gun.

    That aside, I think it's wrong to force a private company into submission. Just another way the leftist thought-police are forcing their way into the bedrooms and bakeries of private citizens everywhere with their roll of double-standards.

    It's funny the way they claim anti-abortion groups want to "get in women's vaginas" (quoting a celebrity-backed anti-life advertisement here), but at the same rate, you can't even think or express your opinion without them coming down hard on you.

    If the law doesn't do it for them, leftists will make buying from said-bakery miserable for every potential customer. The same way the predecessors to these people stand outside of clothing stores that sell fur coats, shouting "fur is murder," these new types will scream 'bigot' at anyone trying to buy a wedding cake from the store.

    Orwell can sum it up: "The relative freedom which we enjoy depends of public opinion. The law is no protection. Governments make laws, but whether they are carried out, and how the police behave, depends on the general temper in the country. If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it; if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them."

  • They can bake what ever they want

    Just because its pro homosexuality doesnt mean they have to bake it if it was a football cake and they don't want to bake it there wouldn't be any fuss. Just because its pro homosexuality doesn't make it different either way. Just because its for him sexuals they think it can't happen for anything else

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