Should a programme involving maiming and killing various creatures for human entertainment be broadcast in the uk

  • It would be entertaining

    I think that animal life is unimportant. I say we kill all of them for our entertainment. I believe that we should just let them fight it out in a gigantic ring, With spectators on each side. It would be a beautiful spectacle to witness. Thank you, Try to change my mind.

  • Absolutely not, Mammals, Insects grubs, Worms etc all respond to pain and suffering none of which deserve to die

    Many films made come with the wording NO ANIMALS OR WILDLIFE HAVE BEEN HARMED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS FILM, So why is it ok for progammes made for uk entertainment featuring jungle scenes be accepted mainly by the media, Namely tv, Radio, Newspaper tabloids, Also the contestants causing this misery should have thought about this before signing up

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