• Yes,A-Rod should be suspended.

    There are several pieces of evidence that support the theory that A-Rod should be suspended.First of aall he broke the rules and should be used as an example for other major league players.Second he is seen as a hero to many young children and they should understand they should not copy the actions of every major league player.

  • A-Rod should be suspended.

    Alex Rodriguez should be suspended because he was proven to have used performance enhancing drugs. This is a form of cheating, and he should be punished for trying to beat the system. He has sullied our national past-time, and it is important to make an example of him. He is a bad role model and he should not be praised for breaking the rules.

  • Yes he should.

    A-Rod should definitely be suspended because he broke a law. I don't think that he should be banned, but I do think a one or two season suspension would be appropriate. I am sure there are a lot of MLB players that use, or have used, performance enhancing drugs. I think a suspension would be appropriate.

  • Yes, but for much less games.

    The 200 + game suspension for A-Rod was ridiculous. Now if they had another positive test, more power to them. However, all MLB has revealed is that they have "information" that justifies their decision. Mind you, the information they have is from a crooked man, whom they paid to reveal his information. While it may be legit, it doesn't seem very reliable to suspend a man for 200 games. Ban him 50 and move on.

  • A-Rod Was Banned But Should Not Be Suspended

    A-Rod was banned for the 2014 Major League Baseball season, including post-season games, but he should not be suspended for more games or indefinitely. A-Rod, just like others players who juiced and got caught, will be ridiculed by fans and other athletes, which will be a far worse punishment than being suspended from playing. Eventually, no team will want to sign him. A-Rod should not be suspended; he will get his just punishment in time.

  • A-Rod Should be Banned for Life

    Alex Rodriguez shouldn't be suspended, he should be banned for life for his shenanigans. He's fighting the suspension and the player's union won't even back him up! That's bad when one of baseball's most recognized stars doesn't even have the support of his fellow players. The New York Yankees should be embarrassed and A-Rod should refund part of his salary to the team and fans who buy tickets. A-Rod shouldn't set foot on an MLB diamond ever again.

  • No, A-Rod should not be suspended.

    No, A-Rod should not be suspended. A-Rod did not test positively for performance enhancing drugs. If Ryan Braun can get away with a positive test due to a fluke, then A-Rod should be left alone as he has not produced a positive test. A-Rod did not help baseball by trying to circumvent the rules, but baseball should not commit a second wrong and punish A-Rod for breaking a non-existant rule.

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