• There is no justification.

    It's cruel, inhumane, backwards, and destructive to society as a whole. There is no justification to be treating our fellow earthlings like property in exchange for our own indulgence or because it would stop an industry. Our differences just isn't a valid excuse to enslave and mistreat them.

    But enough about slavery, lets get back to veganism. It's cruel, inhumane, backwards, and destructive to society as a whole and the environment. There is no justification in treating our fellow Earthlings like property and it just makes matters even worse when you take a moment to consider all the food, and water we waste in feeding these mass - produced creatures. Our differences just aren't a valid excuse to enslave them.

    Oh, and if your logic amounts to "bacon tho" it's not unfair to put you beneath that of a slave-owner, because at least when they were trying to justify their horrific industry they bothered to put enough thought to compose an entire sentence and not sound like a child that can hardly put two thoughts together.

    "Bacon tho"

    Yeah, I think that illustrates everything that needs to be said about you.

  • There is a lot of stigma surrounding this subject

    If you do not want to eat meat, i find, you are usually thought of as a weak human being or too empathetic. That is one of the major problems in this world today - we are all apathetic. Not caring. We all know that if you think twice about where your meat comes from we will be put off. So we just don't think about - we just keep buying meat not wanting to give a thought as to what sort of life that animal has.
    Now i am aware of the nutritional benefits that come from meat, but please also be aware that these same nutritional benefits can be gained from a vegan diet, it just takes a lot more focus on what you are eating. I am aware that it is part of nature for the prey to be eaten by the predator and that it is just the natural cycle of life. But i do not think it is natural for the amount of animals that are being kept in poor conditions for the only purpose of being eaten. We think because they are animals, that they are beneath us.
    I always find it a wise idea to judge people by how they treat those beneath them, and let me tell you humanity is not doing too great of a job at the moment.
    The meat industry has become too industrialized and the quality of life of the animal is hardly ever taken into consideration. Therefore in today's world, where animals are killed in masses, i think it would be wise for a society to adopt a vegan lifestyle, purely for the animals sake.

  • It could help solve world hunger

    The amount of plants eaten by the animals of which we kill for food contains a much larger number of calories than the meat itself. It's more efficient and extremely cheaper.

    Now of course you could argue "But it's all part of the food chain!" However, we are intellectual beings. There's no law of nature that requires humans to eat meat. It's just common sense.

  • I think yes.

    Almost every people feel that veganism is a bit a extreme for a number of reasons. Some think it's unhealthy while others disagree with the founding principle s of the vegan philosophy. Propnents of veganism, on the other hand, argue that vegans live a healthier, the more ethical life style.

  • A vegetarian society is detrimental to some societies

    Now if you live in a culture where you have access to lots of food options and can easily become a vegetarian then more power to you. There's nothing wrong with choosing to be a vegetarian. However, for many developing or tribal cultures meat is vital for their survival. They either don't have access to all kinds of food items or supplements that can give people vital vitamins like vitamin B12, which is naturally only found in meat and vital for human survival. Without it, irreversible damage to the brain can occur. As mentioned above, not eating meat isn't a big deal with supplements, but many cultures don't have access to supplements. They need to rely on meat and animal products to get the vitamins they need to stay alive. It's far more harmful to force a vegetarian diet on people from cultures that must rely on meat for survival.

  • Meat is great.

    Meat has, overall, the best nutrition. Vitamin C? Eat a liver. Protein and fat? Obviously. Yes, you'll need plants for food, but it's to supplement your meat diet. Meat eaters are more assertive and adaptive, because they can handle more. Vegans are often on their diet for medical reasons, such as those who have diabetes.

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