Should a spouse be allowed to override a person's desire to be a donor for organ and tissue transplants after death?

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  • No, they should not.

    A spouse should not have that kind of control over what happens to a persons body. If there is no will made, then it is a different story. If the deceased has explicitly stated that they do not want their organs or tissues to be used for a transplant, then it is not the right of the spouse to go against their written last wishes.

  • No, I don't think a spouse should be abl eto override a person's desire to be an organ donor after death.

    I think that the decision to be an organ donateor should be solely in the hands of the individual, I don't believe we should violate that by bypassing some ones wishes after they die just because their spouse feels differently, I think that overall we should respect the decision that the person has made regarding this.

  • No, the spouse should not be able to override anything in concern with a will.

    No, a will is something that can not be changed by anyone including a spouse. Just because your spouse dies, that does not give any one the right to change the will of the dead to fit their own desire. It may seem cruel, but the dead has a wish and it should be granted accordingly.

  • No, as long as the person's wishes were stated

    I think if someone makes a decision while they are living to be an organ donor, then their desire should be carried out. I think if someone doesn't state one way or another their desire that a spouse should be able to make a decision whether or not the person becomes a donor.

  • that is just wrong

    I do not know why a spouse would do such a thing? To dishonor a loved ones last request. What is the point anyway? A person is that selfish that they no one gets to live. At least, when someone's organs are given to someone else, part of that person is still living in the new donor recipient. People should see that as just plain cool.

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