Should a student have been suspended for helping another student who was having an asthma attack?

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  • No they shouldn't

    The student did the right thing when they helped someone who had an asthma attack because that person could had went to the hospital or they could had died and if I would having an asthma attack I would love for someone to help me they had no right to suspend that boy who did nothing wrong

  • Why is this even a question?

    He had a legitimate reason for walking out of class. The teacher is an idiot for risking the girl's life by insisting on waiting for an email response from the nurse. The girl was on the floor gasping for breath, so I don't see how that wouldn't require immediate medical attention.

  • It does not make any sense.

    A student who helps another student should not be suspended but rewarded. If the student didn't help the other who had an asthma attack, the student would die. Saving a life is a very good intention and the one who was saved would probably be very grateful to the one who saved his/her life. No harm was done so suspension being enforced on the student is not necessary.

  • Helping a student is not a crime

    I think it is a disgrace that the student who tried to help another student in an asthma attack be suspended because of his actions. School officials are becoming more and more entitled and try to enact laws that are inhumane in the schools or even the in the schoolyards.

  • Safety Above All

    While there can be certain dangers in sharing medications, because of the necessity of help in the situation of an asthma attack, the student should not be punished. They were providing a necessary service to another student in order to save their life, it was not a misbehavior that was destructive or distracting.

  • What? This is nonsense.

    I do not know who made this decision, but whoever it was, it is the most stupid, incoherent person I have ever heard of. I have asthma myself and know by experience how scary it is, specially when there is nobody around to help, because when it happens, the person does need help.

  • A student should not have been suspended for helping another student who was having an asthma attack

    The case of a student being suspended for helping another student who was having an asthma attack is the epitome of political correctness having run completely amok. Zero tolerance has transformed into zero common sense. The student should not have been suspended, but rather given a medal and all the recognition that could be mustered. This is the kind of thing we should encourage, not discourage.

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