• You should do something you enjoy.

    Students should pursue careers in areas that they enjoy. They will be more inclined to stay at the job longer. If students pick a career based on profit, rather than what they enjoy, the chances of them quitting and seeking a new job is high. Many students end up starting over after a few years when they pick a career they don't enjoy.

  • Yes, a student should pursue a career he loves.

    I think that a person should pursue a career that he or she loves instead of one that he or she finds profitable. While it is important that somebody gets a career that he or she can use to pay the bills, at the end of the day, it is more important that they are passionate about it.

  • Love What You Do

    I personally believe it is better for a student to pursue a career that they love, rather than a profitable one. With that said, the student may or may not be better off attending college, depending on the chosen career. Making the right decision to enter the workforce or continue your education makes a big difference. I've always liked the quote that states if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life.

  • We have to eat.

    No, a student should not pursue a career he loves instead of a profitable one, because a student needs to know that they have to earn a living. A student cannot depend on his or her family forever. Also, if a student wants their own family, they have to step up and provide.

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