Should a student's grade in gym affect his overall grade (GPA/grade point average)?

  • Gym should count towards GPA

    Like someone above me gym isn't graded on your athletic ability at all, the grading system for most classes has to do with your participation and effort, so some say if your obese it will hurt your grades, but no because it is based on participation. A kid might be the worst athlete ever but if he participates and shows that he's trying he'll get As

  • Gym isn't graded by "How many push ups you can do"

    Gym for most schools is not graded on physical fitness, but for participation. If a student who is doing fine in all his or her other classes can do the same in gym, just for joining in. When a student's gym grade isn't counted, they will lose their drive to do it. I'm a student, I see it at my school. We instantly get 100% for dressing out, and keep that for participating.

  • Effort counts, not pushups.

    I think that because you are graded on effort and not your strength and agility in gym class, it is fair to have it be a part of your GPA. If you are a person who does not care about gym and therefore you will not try, you do not deserve and A and it should be shown on your GPA. In school we work for things, and gym is a part of school. In addition, gym class is about habits, which teach you a healthy lifestyle.

  • Effort counts, not strength

    When in gym class you are graded on how much you try, for it is simply not fair to do otherwise. I am unaware of how people have been graded upon how well they could do pushups, because when I was In gym class we were graded on if we tried, therefore it is totally fair. In addition, I know that those who are more physically fit generally do better in the classroom.

  • It should count!

    Just cause they cant play a sport doesn't mean its judged in their ability, but instead they should be judged by there effort. Just cause there bad at the game, does not mean it doesn't mean that they have to show effort, because they should. Thus, my answer is yes!

  • It's just not fair

    Well, let's cut this up. Some kids get away with a high soaring 100 in that class, whereas others barely pass. The one's who do get 100s are the ones, who can't do stuff. And that's not fair to the ones who have to try to get their grades. Even if they don't do as good, at least make them try for gold. That way, every grade is earned and not just given.

  • Gym class helps teamwork and relieve stress

    It gives students time to get blood pumping, especially in the digital age where many children sit and play on iPads or video games. Teamwork is necessary in the real world which is what team sports teach. It gives children time to relax and live a healthy lifestyle. It teaches nothing but good things

  • Yes, a student's gym grade should affect his overall GPA.

    Gym grades should affect a student's overall GPA. School gym, while created to teach healthy life and exercise habits to students, is graded as much on effort and willingness to participate as it is on athletic ability. Gym grades are an indicator of a student's willingness to try new things, respect authority, and give a whole hearted effort towards whatever is asked of them. It is about positivity and attitude.

  • Gym is a positive.

    Gym helps your body by making you become physically active. What's that your obese? How about you show some effort and break a sweat trying. Teachers love it when you show effort because that shows potential and the will to not give up. Oh your unathletic? That is perfectly alright like I said before effort counts and besides gym is a easy 100% long as you show up.

  • It helps children to exercise

    Nowadays students give more importance to strengthening their minds, and they forget about their physical condition. Giving a grade to gym class promotes students to give effort in the class and makes them move. They exercise to get a better grade but they are still taking care of their body somehow. If PE was not to be graded, students wouldn't even bother to try to their best in that class and the few exercise they do could be taken away from them.

  • No it should not

    No it should not because some kids cant run very easily and therefore they don't get very good grades. Grades shouldn't be on weather you are in shape or not because not all kids are and it tortures them. Teachers who have students that have asma or cant run very well or fast pick on them and make them do extra. So therefore i think not.

  • No, it encourages bullying.

    Think about it. If a bully's grade is brought up by a P.E. Grade, he will think he is being rewarded for being strong. How do they get strong? Hurting others and being jerks! What will they do to get stronger and get better grades? Hurt others and be jerks! Do you see?

  • No it shouldnt

    Some people arent in shape there fore not every one does good. Some people cant run very easily. We should be ale do exersise on our own time. Its not important enough for a grade to affect your gpa. Some kids get in trouble because they cant run easily enough to get a good grade.

  • What about weight?

    It may not be as easy to run or participate in gym if a student is overweight. Also, they may be very smart but there Grade Point Average would be taken down because they can't run very fast. That is not only unfair, but very insulting to obese people who can not participate in gym as much as fit people.

  • Brains or brawn?

    Say you're really smart, but not very athletic. It's not fair to those who have more brains than brawn, and also not fair to obese people that have straight A's. A failed or low grade in a gym class could drastically affect that student's grade. Your grade point average should not be affected by how strong you are or how many push-ups you can do.

  • No, it encourages bullying.

    Think about it. If a bully's grade is brought up by a P.E. Grade, he will think he is being rewarded for being strong. How do they get strong? Hurting others and being jerks! What will they do to get stronger and get better grades? Hurt others and be jerks! Do you see?

  • No, They Should not have to deal with that amount of stress.

    Students shouldn't be measured with intelligence by the amount of miles they can run or the amount of sit ups they can do. To be put on the graded scale of their physical ability is absolutely wrong. Students now a days are already stressing enough about getting good grades in their other classes why should that be added because of a PE class? PE should allow kids to work out in a stress free environment so they can approve their health not kill themselves over an A.

  • Athletic students who are bad at Academics.

    I do not believe that a students' GPA should be affected by the grade they are receiving in their gym class. Some students are very very smart are have no athletic ability at all. They excel in the classroom, but do not have the coordination or have physical stamina for their gym class. Athletes are proven to be not as good at academics as people who don't spend their time on their sport, instead that person is studying for tests. It is true that all athletes are STUDENT athletes so they should worry about their studies first and not the sport they are currently involved with.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Some kids cannot participate in these classes in a way that others can. Students that are in sports or that are athletic can participate in all of the activities in these classes. Students that are not athletic or that are not fit can't participate in all of the classes activities. Students that are not fit can not run as well or for as long as others that are fit.

  • No, definitely not.

    Gym is a practical class that should be required in some form as physical fitness is very important. However, it should not carry a GPA attachment. It should be a simple pass/fail based on did you actually attend and DO something or did you just cut or sit in a corner and chat with friends. If you fail, you need to make up the course somehow (club activities or sports could supplement this) before graduating, but it should not impact your GPA.

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IAmNotAWhale says2016-04-12T03:47:53.323
You know it's possible to have it both ways, right?
Maybe kids should be given the choice whether they want their gym mark included in their GPA, or whether they want to take gym at all. I'm actually writing a persuasive essay on this topic and I think that having a choice would make everyone happy.
I'd like your opinions on this. It'd help my with my essay.