Should a teacher be fired if she cannot teach her students?

  • I don't even know why this is a debate.

    If you say 'no' to this, then you're either retarded, or a lazy teacher yourself who can't get off their *** and actually teach. If I had a dollar for each time a teacher just said 'do the work' without actually making sure their students properly understand what they're doing or the material they're working with, I might be the richest person in the world. And THAT is some absolute ********, and makes the most flawed thing in the U.S. education system, the fact that the teacher can actually get away with it.

  • Teacher that not lecture the students.

    This teacher is on charge of 9 students with disabilities, mostly ADS.
    She is never in the class room 5 para-educators work with her chasing the children all over the class room, most of the time this children spend most of the day on the play grown, her classroom is a mess she does not care, and top of that if she is in the classroom for 15 min start screaming and saying that she is tired of the children and screaming to the aids to hold the children. The worst is that for children with autism the only help to be independent is early intervention. I feel so sad about the children I want to do something but I don't know how.

  • This goes for everyone with a legitimate job, stop making excuses other side.

    It's sad to see just how many people wI'll excuse poor teaching and blame the students. I had enough extracurricular activities that I get home at 10:00-10:30 PM every night. My Calculus BC teacher, who actually plans out his daily lessons and hand picks the most relevant(and accurately spaced out) homework problems allows me to ace his class with barely an hour or study. My Physics teacher, on the other hand, steals swaths of questions off of random sites(some of which have incorrect answer keys due to not being fact-checked, this has occurred on midterms!). She drowns us in homework, will recite parts of the book and do the exact same example with switched numbers without addressing... Anything.

    As a result of not having a strong conceptual understanding fostered, I have to make up that time in extra work, in ADDITION to her drowning us in homework to "compensate" for lack of teaching on her part. So I'm stuck staying up till four in the morning and getting up at 5:30 at the latest since my family shares a car and I'm ineligible to drive due to intermittent seizures that six doctors of varying specializations have failed to diagnose. It took but a month for my grades in my other classes to fall and my health to fail with the increasing lack of sleep. But there was no workaround. Low budget didn't allow personal tutors, and most of the hours past the homework were spent Trial-and-Erroring my way through the Internet, hoping to find a resource that could make up for a completely inactive teacher, and was also not locked behind a paywall I couldn't afford.) Extra help with her was also useless as she literally is incapable of processing questions without textbook formula answers.

    I can ask what the relationship is between "X and Y," because she can just rattle off a formula for that, but the minute any question that requires actual step-by-step explaining is broached, she freezes, thinks, fails at coming to a conclusion, and defaults to "Ya know what? Lemme just solve it or find my old solutions and bring em to you to look at." I've seen this in my mother before(bus accident left mental injuries), so I recognized the blank stare, and "reset" immediately. Confronted the Dean. Cue "life isn't fair" speech even though my parents are paying 40,000 dollars to send me to this private school.

    Fast Forward six months with the same lack of sleep, ramping anger and stress, and failing grades, most of my scholarships are gone and I've been kicked out of Crew due to my inevitably failing health. All it took was ONE bad teacher with obvious issues that should've exempted her from the profession as a whole to ruin my life. 12 years of 3.8 to 4.0 GPAs in honors to AP all the way, made to nothing in one year. Teachers can make or break your experience and have POWER OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM. Hold them accountable.

  • Salary goes hand-in-hand with doing your Job.

    As someone who's bombing in Physics C but has a 3.7 unweighted GPA due to my A and above grades in all of my other classes, my teacher's inability to give us proper textbook material, questions that aren't ripped off from quizlet, and actually explain step-by-step procedures without defaulting to "I'll just do it myself and let you look at it for a minute, hoping you read my thought process without me telling you coherently" has hurt all four of her classes. We actually have a discord made by two of our school's previous Valedictorians because of how insufferable her lack of teaching ability is.

    Teaching isn't stealing questions off of the Internet and then running through said questions without proper conceptual breakdowns in ten minutes of silent problem solving. It's making sure that the conceptual understanding of the topic and problem solving is present in your students and any teacher who fails to do that is literally handicapping their students, both by hurting their GPA and by increasing stress by decreasing sleep since they're not only drowned with problems(which don't compensate for lessons, SURPRISINGLY), but have to attempt to self-teach by jumping from resource to resource for hours on end after school(many of which are locked behind pay walls and don't even pay off if the lack of personal availability doesn't suit your favored learning environment). Having friends who've killed themselves because bad teachers had them staying up every day till four or so in the morning studying their assess off only to barely maintain a C average and lose most of their scholarships, all because the one person getting paid to personally teach them mastered the art of NOT doing that and the student was going to pay the price for it, both financially and emotionally for decades to come.

    Tl;dr, terrible teachers shouldn't be teaching. It might feel nice to say "oh, they're just learning," but in many ways, the futures of over a hundred students are in their hands. I wouldn't want to sacrifice all of them just because a teacher didn't actually bother to take any classes relevant to RELAYING INFORMATION COHERENTLY AND INTUITIVELY(ya know, teaching) before taking on that responsibility. Would you?

  • Literally the profession

    The profession of teaching requires the ability to teach. Our chemistry teacher just taught us why we were wrong when marking our tests, well duh. I know I was wrong, but teach me the knowledge beforehand before making yourself out as a grandiose figure, saying we don't self resource enough.

  • C.A.D. , one of my hardest classes.

    So I'm in a C.A.D. Class, which is mostly 3D modeling and whatnot. But for me, it's difficult because the teacher doesn't explain anything. He just tells us to go do the tutorials, and that's it. In the class, we're supposed to be making stickers. STICKERS. But no. He always says "Ask three before me", yet whenever I ask the people around me, they're just as stumped as I am. So I try to ask him. He just says to go ask other people, or that he doesn't know what to do. I've asked him for help so many times, and each time I get "Go have so-and-so help you" Yet said person can't help either. So I ask again, and he just starts getting mad at me. And half the time when he does come over to my seat, he just messes with a few things, shrugs, and leaves. I have an F because of him, and i'm on pretty thin ice, having a boundary acceptation and all

  • Only if the teacher is not teaching at all

    Now, don’t get me wrong. Teachers, shouldn’t be fired if the class is uncontrollable. At that point, it isn’t the teachers fault. But some teachers CAN NOT TEACH. I know a math teacher who isn’t teaching any math. What he’s doing is having them write an ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY. I would sorta get if it was about math, but this essay is about wether Brian should pick an iPhone X or a google pixel 2. Like, what the heck? At that point, any teacher doing something like that should be fired. Kids come to school to learn, not to listen to some idiot who is wasting their time.

  • They are failing to fulfil their role

    As a TEACHER, he/she is obviously expected to teach the students, which includes marking papers ON TIME, FINISHING THE SYLLABUS, clarifying important quotes/ concepts/ terms, and making sure that the progress is normal. If he/she fails to do any of the above, they are breaking the lowest grounds of teaching and should seriously reconsider taking another career or taking at least a year off to re-train themselves in order that they can actually be capable of helping students to learn, at least something. Otherwise, they should undoubtedly be fired

  • Teacher who keep walking out of the class, and let the teachers assistants teach.

    I barely been in this business class and this teacher does nothing but talk on the phone and walk out of class a lots. How I am to learn if she keep walking out of the class groan. I had to ask the other teacher what was wrong and it like groan.

  • Math Teacher can teach, but does not

    My math teacher uses class time grading last nights homework, then assigning more. If there is time between, it is usually spent just giving class work or quizzes. There is little to no actual explanation of the concept to us, just assignments being given and graded. The few times she actually explained a concept she did a very good job of it and I aced the homework that night and a quiz a few days later. I just wish that happened evey day. We are forced to teach ourselves out of the book.

  • I believe the students should get punished for their behavior.

    I had a teacher that has many health problems and sickly mother to take care of, as well as many problems in his past like his dead father and girlfriend. Then one day in class No one paid attention to his lesson and everyone was just sitting there on their phones till he just snapped and got emotional and said if no one is going to pay attention then their is no point in teaching and just went back to his desk and did nothing for the rest of the period.Then the following day he apologized for his actions and explained that this will be his last year working for our school because parents called in and reported about him to the office causing him to get fired for something the students pushed and pushed out of him. He began to break down and cry in front of the whole class apologizing about his actions when it was clearly the students fault

  • It is not the teacher's fault if the students fall behind,

    Because it may have been a way they were taught, and it is the student's jobs to advocate for their own learning if they actually want to go higher and progress in school. Also, a school cannot ban a teacher under unnecessary conditions, even if the don't like her or if she doesn't teach well.

  • The children should be the ones that get the punishment for their behaviour.

    If a teacher cannot control her students, the STUDENTS should be the one who get in trouble. I personally am a high school student, and even I believe that! What, if for example, you were a teacher and you could not control your students? How would you feel if you were fired? Would you happily pack up your bags and walk away? Think about it. It would be the students faults, and therefore they should get the punishment. And if you can't believe a year 7 student who goes to high school HERSELF, then you should learn to think about going into the teachers shoes yourself. As for those of you who think that that is their job, clearly you don't under stand what a teacher does. They are meant to teach, not to be infuriated or depressed by students. Teaching means making them learn skills, not making them calm down. When a student is bad or obnoxious, the parents should be dealing with their behaviour at home rather than the teachers telling them at school. I leave you with one final statement- 'WHY DONT YOU TRY STEPPING IN THEIR SHOES?'.

  • This is a what if question and answer.

    I don't think a teacher should be fired if she can't teach her students. However, if there is a plausable reason behind her not being able to teach, then the matters change. If it is her fault, she can't get the subject across, or she has bad teaching habit, then she should go back to school. If it is because she has an unruly class, then she should be transfered.

  • Her contract should determine such a thing.

    A teacher should not be fired if she cannot teach her students, if, for example, she has a contract and has an accident that prevents her from teaching. If teachers are allowed to be fired willy nilly, that is not a good thing. Eventually, someone who can't teach will need to be terminated, but I don't believe it's a black and white thing.

  • If her kids consistently show great scores, She is a great teacher.

    IReady results. Don’t judge unless you are a teacher. Parents only want their children to have fun. They are clueless about objectives and standards. They need to mind their own business and take their kids to the movies. Leave teaching to the professionals. Don’t judge lest ur be judged. Idiots.

  • Teachers shouldn't be punished if his or her students are falling behind

    Yes it is the teachers job to make sure his or students are on track but if the student does not put in any work it is not the teachers fault. A teacher can only do so much for a student. If the student does not participate how does he or she expect to pass the class.

  • Students need to focus on LEARNING.

    Teachers giving study guides and simple comprehension tests are loved by students. Teachers requiring students to search the content and develop their own questions. Teachers who teach students how to learn by using their own brains are hated by students. "Thinking" deal takes too much effort. This teacher can't teach!

  • Teachers Can't Teach Is a Contradiction in Terms

    This is a contradiction in terms. All teachers in public education today go through rigorous training beyond the scope of a bachelors degree and often additional coursework, testing and observation is required for licensure in any teaching field. I think this is why many arguments here are referring to behavioral issues in the classroom because people are aware that learning is extremely complex, involving many factors outside the reach of teachers in the classroom. In conclusion, people should stop biting the hand that feeds them and start working together to lift that source up and give it as much support as it so deserves!


  • Now is that a single student, or occasional students or repeated classes of students each year?

    If a teacher is incompetent in her job repeatedly and after further instruction well she should be fired just as an electrician who electrocutes himself (repeatedly) or a taxi driver who can't drive. However if your speaking of the students in the class who refuse to listen, don't do homework, don't care, and when they get home their efforts are not rewarded or have consequences then they can't be fired. The teachers can only TEACH even with the best tools when students are willing to LEARN. NO amount of money thrown at a school, nor rules regulating teachers will motivate a student to do the work. They are not miracle workers.

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