• Teacher should support his students

    Parents need to do their job and activities, they wake up daily morning in order to improve their salary so as to bring more money for breeding children, it is very clear that they do need another person to deliver more care of the babies.
    Teachers are experienced and talented in the way of dealing with children ,they do understand their needs and able to determine the severity of children problems, because they are annually deal with students at the same age with common familiar conditions.
    When student face a matter, he will resort to the one who can understand his issue.

  • Parents should support students.

    Parents need to do their jobs. A teacher shouldn’t support a student more
    than a parent does. If this happens,
    then these are not good parents. A
    parent will be with a child for life. A teacher
    may only see a particular child for one year.
    Children need the consistent support of their parents in order to be

  • No, a teacher should not support a student more than the parents.

    No, a teacher should not support a student more so than the parents. A teacher will only see the student for 1 hour a day, 9 months a year. A parent is legally required to take care of the child for 18 years. A parent should care more as they are going to be in the student's life much longer.

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