Should a transgender man be allowed to change in the men's locker room?(and vice versa for women)

Asked by: applestoapples
  • Yes yes yes.

    The only thing that stops transgendered people from using their rightful locker room, is a bunch of scared people who have not opened their minds, and don't have the intellectual capability to understand the fact that though a person's "gender" is often identified by his or her body parts, it is not always the case. That is just something you have to accept.

  • We shouldn't deny them the right to choose.

    They have chosen to identify with a gender different from the one they were born as. They should be treated how they wish to be. A transgender should have a choice between male and female locker rooms depending on which they'd rather identify as. The body is not the only aspect of you as a person, so why should our biological makeup be the judge of who we are?

  • Equality and acceptance

    Transgender people have come to realise that they are the wrong person trapped inside a body that is not theirs. They have gone through a very hard journey, as transgender acceptance is not as wide-spread as it should be. Transgender men should be able to change in the mens locker room and transgender women should be able to change in the women's locker room. Being transgender is not a choice, and people need to accept this and if someone feels that they are truly the opposite sex who are we to say otherwise as we cannot comment as we have never been in that situation. Transgender men/women should have equality with men/women and be able to change in the locker rooms of the gender that they feel they are.

  • Yes, of course

    They should be allowed to change in the locker room of their incentivized sex. Besides, it would cause a far greater stir if a transgender man were to change in the women's locker room, and vice versa. This is a day and age when you can choose your gender, for the most part.

  • Yep, why not?

    Why would anyone feel uncomfortable around transgender people changing? It's not like they want to sexually gaze at others while they're in there, they identify as the same gender as the other people in the room.

    They may be the opposite gender biologically, but they should have the right to identify as whatever gender they'd like; without closed-minded people discriminating them.

  • They are not fully male or female

    The fact of the matter is that you can't change someone completely into a woman or a man. XX and XY will still be there. Thereason segregated locker rooms exist is because women don't feel comfortable changing in front of men. Ostensibly, it works the other way around as well. As a man, women are uncomfortable with me changing with them. That alone is enough to implement rules, forcing me to use a separate locker room. One interesting question would be why transgender people are exempt from this. If I cant use a Women's locker room because it would make them feel uncomfortable, why could a Transgender person use one, despite causing the same level of discomfit.

  • She is a make

    She has male anatomy and will make natural females uncomfortable, especially 13-15 year olds. She should use private facility that will keep everyone happy. I understand she has rights, but must cnsider rights of the majority. I would not want my daughters being forced to disrobe in front of make

  • No he should not bee able to use the women locker room. It is label Men and Women change room, common sense to much people,

    Men and women are different in shapes and more, so why change it because its not necessary. Trans gender is something that person keep to them self to the transformation is done, either man or women. Is it really that important . If you are man go to your locker room

  • Get the reassignment first

    If you have a penis and scrotum you should go ahead and shower/change with other people who have the same physiology regardless of your gender expression. Using the men's bathroom doesn't define me as man per se. It's my recognition that I possess male anatomy that send me into the assigned locker room. Furthermore, there is no way to delicately (or humanely) certify that a pre-op trans person is actually a transgender person. If I was a pre-op trans woman, I would understand how it would be uncomfortable and a violation of locker room privacy to expose a cis-woman (or girl) to my still intact fully functioning penis and scrotum. The same would be true for a pre-op transgender man attempting to use the men's locker room and showers with intact breasts and a vagina.

  • It ok for trans man

    A man has nothing to fear from a vigina in mens locker room but a penis in womans room is not cool, women will be scarred of rape or errections pointed at them or seamen on the floor they could slip and fall then sue the gym and we all will pay more.

  • God does not make mistakes!

    We are each created male or female. No one is a mistake. Each of us are wonderfully made and loved by God. I am deeply saddened that someone who have so little self value feels they have to change their sex. As a female by birth I feel my rights are being violated when a transgender male is allowed to use a locker room which was originally intended for females by birth. Most facilities have family rooms which could be utilized by transgender. When they deliberately use the locker room of the gender they wish they were, they are drawing attention to themselves and purposely making others uncomfortable.

  • Feelings vs. Facts

    An uncastrated male's subjective feelings about his essential femaleness can not reasonably be given priority over the objective fact that his primary sex organs are intact and fully functional. Anyone with a penis does not belong in women's and girls' restrooms or locker rooms. Furthermore, most transsexual males are heterosexual. Trans porn is evidence that entering private female space is a transsexual porn fantasy. I do not think is it reasonable for women and girls to be objectified or forced to participate in a male sexual fantasy against their will.

  • No. Go away.

    They have joined the infinitely more awesome group of guys. That means that they may freely use guy things.
    Dude looks like a lady.
    Former guys are out of luck.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • This is tricky

    Well if they are in school i would say no. There is no way for the school to make sure the guy is a guy or the girl is a girl. It would cause alot of trouble is the person was lieing about it.
    But if it was a gym or anywhere else locker rooms are then sure.

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