Should a trial be required for the government to detain suspected terrorists?

  • The WATCHDOG List

    There's a list of people that has grown to a million people in the past few years. There was once a Russian detained for nearly a year in a torture camp, and when he was determined innocent, he wasn't given anything after his release. All people deserve trials, even if they are very likely to be a criminal.

  • Yes it should.

    A trial should always be required for the government to detain suspected terrorists. It is illegal and unethical for them to hold people who are suspected of terrorism in jail indefinitely. It just isn't right and I am sure that they have a fair amount of innocent people locked up.

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    There absolutely should be trials before detains people indefinitely as terrorists. There are several people right now in Guantanomo Bay that are known to not be terrorists, but have never had a trial, have been detained for upwards of more than 5 years, and are STILL in Guantanamo because we don't know where to send them. It's wrong.

  • Due Process for Everyone

    Illegal immigrants in the United States have rights to trials even though they aren't citizens of America. Terrorist detainees have the same rights to fair trials. There shouldn't be military tribunals unless the detainees were actually in the military of a foreign country and are legitimate prisoners of war. Terror suspects should be tried in civilian courts and punished accordingly.

  • No, they should not be entitled to a trial.

    If they are making terroristic threats and are not a United States citizen why should a trial be held to try to find them not guilty? Donald Trump said "If you had a handful of berries in your hand, and you knew one of them could kill you. Would you eat them all?"

  • A trial should not be required for the government to detain suspected terrorists.

    Terrorists are not entitled to the same rights as normal criminals. The summary execution of Osama bin Laden set the precedent that terrorists are not entitled to the same due process as normal criminals. In order to keep our country safe, it is sometimes necessary to deny terrorists civil rights.

  • No, they are terrorists.

    No, trial should be required for the government to detain suspected terrorists, because the constitution does not apply to them. Rules are different for enemy combatants than they are for American citizens. The safeguards that are meant to protect American citizens should not be used as a sword in order to let those who wish to harm Americans go free.

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