Should a universal health care system be implemented in the USA?

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  • Get money out of health

    The whole healthcare system should be socialized. Money should not be a factor in whether or not you get the services you need. Drug companies should be socialized as well. There shouldn't be profit motivation in providing something as necessary as healthcare to its citizens. Healthcare should be considered a right in the same sense as basic highschool education.

  • An absolute yes!

    For the most powerful country in the world, the US falls very far behind when it comes to the ranking of it's health care system. Many of the countries ahead of it, and the top 2 countries in the ranking, have a national health care system. Everyone's lives should be respected as we will only ever have one life. Therefore by providing a universal health care system, you are allowing everyone to achieve their right to live their life. It is easy to argue against this statement, e.G it means increases taxes, but consider those that cannot afford healthcare- I'm sure if you were in their situation your argument would be very different. The most important part about life is not money, your job, your house etc, its about enjoying it to the fullest, as after all we only have one chance to do so.

  • Medicare for All

    Single-payer system assures that even the marginalized can receive adequate health care. No one has to go broke to get health care. Single-payer system can provide preventative health care which saves money in the long term. A single-payer system works. The DoD has been using it for years. Generals and privates' kids are treated the same. Everyone is better off with a single payer system.

  • Healthcare is a right

    Yes, I believe that we should implement universal healthcare in the US. It would make more sense to me to expand Medicare to all citizens, tax everyone for it, and make sure everyone has access to healthcare. The fact is that we are eventually paying for the uninsured anyway- hospitals have to take care of emergencies, and they charge higher to paying customers to make up for those who can't pay. The insurance companies pass that onto the consumers who purchase health insurance. And those who have no insurance other than Medicaid... Well, obviously those folks are being taken care of by the taxpayers money too. It would make far more sense, IMHO, to have healthcare available to everyone so chronic conditions can be managed, and don't become emergencies, and so cancers and major problems are caught early and treated before they become deadly.

  • Health is paramount

    The government exists, I would contend, for only a few reasons....Among the most important are the health and safety of its citizens . If humans have any rights, they have the right of access to health care, freedom to eat uncontaminated food and drink pure water, and be protected against those who might do us harm. I think it's interesting how Republicans, who decry the bloated budget, never talk about reducing the size of the military because our safety is important, but crucify the affordable care act for trying to do the same thing.

  • A Universal Healthcare System should be implemented in the USA.

    Yes. The US healthcare system is plagued by high and rising costs, unfair practices by insurance companies, and far too many uninsured. A system like Obamacare is what we need. I would have preferred if the public option was included but despite a few flaws, I feel that it is good. It includes things that address all three of these issues and more.

  • Venezuela Cuba Look

    USA is a Constitutional Republic which acknowledges Nature's Creator endowed, unalienable rights of moral citizens who are its' owners and its' government is their employee. Freeloaders are socialists victims wanting a master, provider; as in prison where everything is provided for the servants of the state. Take a look at Venezuela and Cuba.

  • No at least not right now.

    Not right now, that takes a lot of money and now we have a poor economy. I believe no matter what health care is and should be a given right, but what about the costs of what we are already in trillions in debt. First work on the economy, fight poverty, and then do something about it. Giving free health care still isn't going to make things better, but creating long term solutions to the poverty problems will help millions and future generations to have a change at good school, jobs, everything that they wanted. I just think we should tackle underlying issues first rather than just jump in. Lets put it this way, I cant even afford a car as a poor citizen, would I go and take out a load on a car and not pay it? Not me but millions of people do, they jump and they don't consider other factors into realistic goals.

  • No More Obamacare

    I don't think the healthcare law should be immplemented because it is already a failure. The website cost 600 million dollars (ridiculous). And not to mention it is not free healthcare, it just raises premiums. And before this bill was signed 90% of Americans had health insurgence. And it also tramples my freedom not to have a government run system, because the government is doing the same thing companies were doing but for a higher cost. I don't want government inefficiencies in my healthcare

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