Should a universal healthcare be implemented into our society?

Asked by: tweetievoo
  • Almost all developed countries have universal healthcare

    America spends more on healthcare than any other country and yet has a lower life expectancy than most developed countries. A service is no better just because it is expensive. The argument that it is a burden on the taxpayer is ridiculous. In Australia, Medicare is a 2% tax, In return for 70% of GP costs, 80% of specialist costs and 100% of hospital costs.

  • US health care spending is so inefficient that it's holding us down.

    e. G. Bloomberg (presumably no communist infiltrator) says:
    "America is number 50 out of 55 countries that were assessed. (in health care efficiency). "
    Privatize what works. Don't privatize what doesn't work. Our privatized health system is at the bottom of the barrel. Get practical, Not dogmatic, And admit that health care would be better if nationalized. Let those who want to pay for extra quality/speed etc. Pay extra, But give health care to all, We'll all be richer for it.

  • This is a really easy question to answer

    No! We do not have enough free money circulating in our economy and having free healthcare would triple the deficit and would cost a low of 32 Trillion! It would definitely cause chaos in our economy because we would have to raise taxes to the moon! Also the man running for governor in Florida said that he would only have free healthcare is a confederation of states had it also. Wonder why? Because he knows Florida couldn't do it and he would have to rely on other states for their funding. America is also Number 1 for Medical Research, Innovation, Cures, Nobel Prizes, And Survival rates.

  • I'm not into spending my tax money on random people.

    It's a basic concept. You pay taxes you get service. But I'm agreeing that we should help countries that have disasters like outbreaks tsunami or war. But I think there's a better idea. If we just unite all the countries together, Then there will be no wars, No illegal immigrants, Less terrorism. Better life styles for poor people.

  • Cultural differences exist

    Each continent and individual country is faced with different challenges. For example the African continent is faced with an epidemic such as HIV/AIDS that is still continuing to destroy those who are most vulnerable. Unlike first world countries that are able to provide medicine and health care systems that advanced.

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