• Yes, in certain circumstances.

    I think certain wives should tolerate infidelity if she feels it is the right thing to do. If she feels she can trust him again, and weighs all the pros and cons of continuing a marriage. Personally, I've been cheated on and it's terrible, but there are far worse things that could happen.

  • There is an agreement

    Infidelity is not just having sex with other people - people are in all kinds of relationships that they enter into willingly and are happy being a part of, which is fine - but actually is cheating, a betrayal that they consciously make, and should not be tolerated any time.

  • No, infidelity is breaking one's wedding vows, among other things

    When people get married, they make a pledge to remain faithful to each other until death. A wife should never tolerate her husband's infidelity because he's breaking that pledge. Secondly, infidelity is a flagrant act of disrespect. It sends the message to the wife that she's not good enough for him sexually. If a wife were to tolerate her husband's infidelity, she would also be disrespecting herself.

    Also, infidelity brings additional problems. For example, if the husband accidentally impregnates his mistress, the wife will have to deal with "baby mama drama." Lastly, if it turns out that the husband sleeps with women who have STDs, he could accidentally pass them on to his wife. These are just two more reasons why a wife should never tolerate infidelity.

  • No, it violates marriage vows

    Unless the spouses have chosen an unconventional marriage, infidelity should not be tolerated. One of the promises we make to our spouses is to choose them as our sole partners in a monogamous way. That means no cheating on your partner. Whether it's a civil marriage or a sacramental marriage, infidelity is wrong.

  • No they shouldn't.

    A wife should never have to put up with a husband who cheats. I also feel like a husband should never put up with a wife that cheats. It is hurtful and obviously the person no longer loves and cares about you because they put their own selfish needs first.

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