Should a woman be allowed to abort if their child is disabled?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • What's the difference?

    So the baby's born without legs, or with Down's Syndrome. It can be seen three ways. A) You're putting the kid out of the misery, pain, and humiliation they would face in their lives, and as such is morally right, the same as if putting a wounded horse down is considered good. B) The parents don't have to deal with even MORE medical care for a child they would have had to pay an arm and a leg for anyway, and C) If they're at an abortion clinic, they were gonna get rid of the unborn brat anyway. Why would the kid being disabled change their minds about killing it? If anything, it would insure they would pay for a cheap abortion.

  • Women who abort

    Due to disability are more often than not, not doing it for the reasons of 'ew, I can't give birth to that' or 'what will the neighbours think?' Most parents carefully consider their situation and if they make the heart breaking decision to abort, it will be for the right reasons.
    Perhaps they are not in a financially appropriate place to have a child who will need extra care for the rest of its life. Perhaps they may not even be emotionally sound with the idea of watching their child suffer. Or maybe they may think that if their child is born with said problems then it will be in too much pain for life to be worth it at all.

  • If that is their choice.

    I'm not a big fan of that particular reason, but that doesn't mean I should impede on a choice. It's not my place to tell someone what to do with a pregnancy.

    Sure, medical tests have been wrong. But why force someone to go through nine months of pain, worry, and insecurity just to see if it is wrong? People say to put it up for adoption if someone doesn't want to raise a disabled child. Have you seem how unlikely it is that a disabled child will be adopted? The foster system is overcrowded as it is anyway, and what if the parent doesn't know anyone they can trust to take care of the child? And even if they do, it doesn't change the fact that pregnancy is the most strenuous and potentially fatal thing a person with a womb can go through (even for a fetus that is wanted and the parents are told it will be able bodied and neurotypical), especially with America's abnormally high maternal death rate. You really want someone to risk sickness, permanent complications, poverty, and death just because you don't like an option they have.

    To be honest, I'd rather see a parent admit they can't look after a disabled child or don't want one and abort when the fetus is incapable of feeling pain, fear, or betrayal, than to leave them rotting in a crap system (where even healthy children are likely to end up abused) or neglect them, or murder them out of the resentment or so-called desperation because they'll get sympathy for it. Sure, it doesn't happen all the time, but that doesn't change the fact it still happens, and way too often.

    Also, as a disabled person myself, if my mother aborted me, I wouldn't be here to care and even though she didn't, I'm still happy she had the option.

    One more thing, to be very honest, I am getting sick of Pro-lifers using us non-Neurotypical and non-able bodied folks as nothing more than props in their movement while pretending to care about us.

  • If it's what they choose.

    I don't like it myself, but that doesn't mean it isn't a parent's right. I have no place telling them what to do with a pregnancy.

    Even if medical tests and scans have been wrong before, why force someone to go through the pregnancy if they don't wish to anymore just to

  • Absolutely and it's probably the best reason to abort.

    I see no point in raising for example, a mentally retarded child. Take the emotion out of it and consider the fact that this persons life will never live up to any sort of potential and will ultimately die alone and in a state of confusion.

    Further, it's a lot to ask of any parent to care for and love a permanently malfunctioning child. Those saying such children are a "blessing" are delusional. Such severe disabilities are debilitating and it's cruel to let them go on knowing the life they will lead. Even in the animal kingdom, the weakest and lamest are culled from the herd.

  • It is their choice.

    A woman should have the right to abort any child under her rights. It is by choice. Our world is over populated as it is. Why should there be a child that will serve barely a purpose in our society if the child will have the disability that causes them to barely be functional in the everyday world?
    I believe that a person who is disabled beyond basic human interaction is not worthy of taking up our resources.

  • Yes, its their choice.

    I personally dont agree with it but its their body and if they want to its none of my buisness. Some woman may not be able to afford or have the time or rescouces for a disabled child. Its not fair for the parents to have to do this when they didnt ask for it. Its also not fair if the child is severely disabled to have them suffer for their whole lives.

  • No one should suffers, Not the kid not the children

    There are a lot of philanthropist who advocate the motion against this topic. My take here is easy. Be in the shoe of a parent who will soon be taking care of disabled children. How much challenges lies ahead? It will be a trouble to both the parent and most importantly the children themselves. Stop being a keyboard warrior and start thinking logically.

  • I love you enough to save you from this cruel world

    This world is cruel. Even with a normal life, It can be harsh. Depending on the disability would depend if they are aborted. If they were to be severely disabled and would not have a shot at a normal life, Eventually they'll be in more pain and they won't really be living. I'm ok if they have Down Syndrome or no arm or no leg, And so on because they are still able to live a normal life. I wouldn't want my child confined to a chair their whole life due to a severe disability. It already breaks my heart when I see a child like that. They're not able to enjoy being a child. They're not able to enjoy the simple things in life.

  • Yes. No need for mutated maggots.

    It's bad enough to be living in a world with normal maggots. I hope the normal female maggots know not to populate this already disgusting world with filthier maggots. Besides, I don't get why some of the normal maggots want to provide "life" for mutated maggots in this cruel, disgusting and unbearable world. Also, it's the woman's choice. If "she" keeps it, I don't care. She would just be adding making the world filthier than it already is.

    Yes, a woman should be allowed to abort their child if it is disabled. No need to force the mutated maggot offspring into experiencing the cruel world.

  • That is ignorant.

    So let's have sex and have a baby, but if I find out along the way it is disabled get rid of it. Great thinking! I guess the kid doesn't deserve a future just because he is seen as an embarrassment to some people? Who cares what people think. These children who are disabled give so much more this world than any of us "normal" people.

  • It is selfish.

    I do believe abortion should exist for only one or two reasons, one of those being if the mother's life is in danger. But letting abortions take place just because the child is unable to do something mentally and physically like healthy people is NOT a good reason to abort. It's selfish. First and foremost, when you have sex, especially if it is unprotected, YOU are responsible for what happens afterward. And even if the child can't do things like someone that is healthy, this does not mean that they can't be the best thing that ever happened to not only the parents, but to the world as a whole. Mentally and physically challenged people have taught many lessons throughout history. It would be a shame to abort someone that could change our society for the better.

  • A yes vote would be crazy

    First I am the proud father of a little girl with Down's Syndrome she is 9 years old and doing ok at school, yes behind but reading and doing math at a 1st grade level. However, she is the MOST loving person you will ever meet, she excepts everyone for who they are, she comforts anyone she sees sad and is trluly concerned for others, she is a very happy person with a bright future. So who are the disabled? The ones who love or the ones who think the worst of people?
    Most people abort a child with a disability because they are afraid, if you are so afraid put the child up for adoption, there is a waiting list adopting kids with Down's.
    Are there other disabilities that are worse, sure or maybe, we attend chuch with severe disabilty confined to a wheel chair, cannot speak, she will graduate college this year. Another young woman was born with no legs, cannot hear or speak, her sign language vocab. Has been measured in the thousands of words. Unlike some people who can use only four letter words to express feeling this girl is quite articulate thru sign language

  • No, it is not fair to the Child.

    Abortion should not exist in my opinion, EXCEPT in cases where it threatens the mother or baby's life. The problem is people having sex and not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. One may argue that it is the woman's body and therefore her right to have an abortion, but don't all humans have the right to "Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness." If one has an unwanted child, regardless of mental disabilities it deserves to live, try to take care of it or put it up for adoption. Killing an unborn child is no way to solve a problem that you having sex caused.

  • I am disabled

    Hey I am happy to be alive and I am not a burden on my parents. I was adopted from a foreign country which is poor and I now live in the U.S. Safe and sound. I probably could have been aborteed but, my birth mother decided not to. If you were disabled and you could hear your parents talking about aborting you,would you try to stop them if you could?

  • You aren't 100% certain the child is disabled

    You can't be one hundred percent certain that the child will be born disabled. I think this because I saw a post on Reddit about how a doctor told a Redditor that his daughter was probably mentally retarded and should be aborted, but the Redditor refused, and the daughter is now on honor roll in Pre-K.

  • Female Infantcide no different.

    The yes argument is no different to those who believe having a female is a burden on their lives. They should not be allowed to have an abortion if they go for genetic testing. And if there's a unique circumstance for abortion it should be assessed by the medical council.

  • It is cruel.

    Should we deny the God-given right to life because someone is physically or mentally impaired? The answer is no. People shouldn't have to die because they aren't the same as everyone else. Plenty of disabled people I know are still happy, even if they have to use a wheelchair or they are behind in school. And you want to kill them because of that? God forbid they have any other talents that might make them as worthy as any other individual, like being smart or creative.

  • A life is a life

    If you want to have intercourse then you run the risk of becoming pregnant. This is a responsibility, of you choose to do this then you are responsible for the consequences and this can mean caring for a child, it can also mean caring for a child with a disability.

  • I'm autistic and I'm proud!

    Killing people with a disability before birth is offending me because believe or not, most celebrities, scientists or famously people are disabled like Temple Grandin, she has Aspergers, aka high functioning autism like me and she showed about supporting animals and that her disability is actually a gift to the world, Albert Einstein has dyslexia and Aspergers and he taught the E=mc2 and yes even Steve Hawkins taught us it.

    I'm be honest, at first, I did wish my parents have aborted me cause I thought I was a problem and all I do is talk a lot, get stressed easily and other stuff but when I went to a guidance, she is my angel, she told me that a disability does not define you as a issue but the society's agenda is the problem. I also realised that my family and friends cared about me and told me that we all have flaws and we are human.

    My IQ is hundred and fourty three, I have excellent memory, I helped others, I love animals, singing, dancing, acting and talking about how people are different and that's ok.

    I say no for abortion, your killing our hope for the future!

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