• Of course they should, And they are

    Women are allowed to be president in America, But they shouldn't be president BECAUSE they are women. If you are going to vote you shouldn't look at their gender, Ethnicity, Or sexuality, But their ideals and what they will do for this country. Something that scares me is that I asked 100 people in my town and 78 of them said they would vote a woman for president without knowing what they would do, Which is not how you should vote.

  • Gender is a social construct.

    I do not believe there is such thing as gender. Patriarchy is an other example of how human want control. Makes sense don't it fill the world with fake feminism and so no one sees the real answer? Woman's liberation! Gender is not real this irrational behavior as you call it is just what society forces on women.

  • So far they are the same.

    You got a woman in charge of Zealand who was pregnant and still did her job at leading the nation.
    Then you have a woman doing genocide in Asia like any other Asian dictator.
    Then you Kim's sister in North Korea that can be just a ruthless as her brother if not more.
    Point is that woman are just like men. Some are benevolent and others are made of cold iron.
    You do not need a beard to sign a law or to declare war or run the nation.

  • Yes, Of course.

    Women are just as capable of men. Physical ability is inapplicable to the presidency, And increased empathy could be what we need. This debate, Frankly, Shouldn't even be here. Is America not founded on equal opportunity? Perhaps in the beginning it wasn't, But now, At least on paper, Everyone has the same chances. If a woman is the right choice for the presidency, She should be elected.

  • They are capable.

    Women should be allowed to be president because they possess mental prowess. Women are just as capable as men in mental and political areas. There is nothing wrong with a female president and the security of the nation would not be jeopardized. They would serve as a good role model for girls.

  • Please no, Its not a good idea

    Men are naturally predesposed to be leaders, Are more stoic and less emotionally oriented, It is the natural state of affairs. It is just not a good idea, And im sick of this "man and women are the same, No real differences, Can do the same thing equally well" rethoric. Feminism literally brought nothing good with it. Voting? Democracy sucks anyway, No one should vote! Especially not women! Work? Congrats! Making the workforce 2 times larger means your work is twice less valuable! Birth control? Because nothing says good like killing unborn children! Does the vice president take over when the president is on her period? Women out of office, Please

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