Should a woman be legally raped whenever a man wants to do that to her?

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  • Jesus said no

    Let's set the record straight there's no agreement that a man should be legally allowed to rape a woman only if small p. P Dicks can simply put rape is small dick energy I believe with 100%certainty that God wants men to protect women so raping a woman is an abandonment of that God given duty and rapists should be castrated and locked away for 79 years at minimum

  • Who thinks women should be allowed to stab incels in the face?

    Who think's incels should be put in prison and be made someone's bitch? Who think's incels should have their orifices violated at the casual whim of a woman?
    Even if someone violates you, You won't change. The attitude is systemic, It's in all of our media, It's been taught to us all, Even women devalue themselves. I'm shocked we to even have to discuss that a woman's body is her property to do what she wants with. It's a very little boy attitude to want want want and throw a tantrum and then take it, Your needs are not greater than our needs. Your need for sex is not greater than our need to be left in peace. We're struggling to get men to see us as equal. . . What about one day will a man ever see us as more? Like we do you! ? Women are getting less than the bare minimum of treatment, The guy that stands up to this, Is giving and treats womens pleasure as a necessity, As a fact of life. . . . Will be a legend of the land, Stories of him will travel far and wide. And all he needs to do is treat us like we treat you every single f***ing day!

  • O_O Wth O. O

    Is this a troll cause it’s messed up ;-;

    Cmon do I rlly need 36 more words to post this.

    Well, Whoever typed this, Are you ok. No, The answer is no and it will always be no and I just spent 3 minutes typing and thinking about this okay thanks.

  • Don't feed trolls just wack them with a stick

    Another boy that wants to be edgy and shock people.

    He probably wants that because deep down he knows he will never have a girl that wants him, Except for his mom.

    Or he has a creepy uncle that made him wear dresses and did stuff to him and that is why he hates women.

  • No no and no

    A women should not be legally raped whenever a man wants to do that to her. That is just wrong. The man does not control her she should have her own choice. If she does not agree then don't. That is wrong. ITs her body not yours. A women shouldn't just be raped she should have her own say in it and thats final!

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