Should a Woman Be President or Even Be Allowed To Vote?

Asked by: sarahwilliams19
  • For a very developed nation, this is a stupid question to ask.

    Of course they should! Why on Earth should they not be? Women can be as powerful as men, and can be more mature than men. There are studies that show that women mature faster than men. And also, why can't the US have a woman president when so many third world countries have had woman leaders? Even in countries with extreme sexism, there have been women in powerful positions. There is absolutely no reason for women to not have the right to vote of be in public office. We are people too.

  • Whats the difference?

    Male or female whats the difference? We’re all still humans and for being president or at least to vote needs everyones opinion to be heard. In some countries like Singapore,women are allowed to vote and their current president(in 2018) is Mdm Halimah Yacob which to dumbos who dont know is a female.

    This leads to another argument. As stated but whatever that guys name is i dont know what his/her name is but he/she said:Women rely on emotions rather than logic to maketheir decision that is centred in logic. Ladies and gentlemen Id like to ask what do we rely on to vote? We rely on the promises made by the political parties and vote based on our own beliefs and values. Everyones belief and value is different. So if everyone(which by everyone I obviously mean all the males) has different values and beliefs,what difference is there between males and females? Females relying on emotions to vote? Thats just a stereotype bruv. As stated earlier everyone has their different opinions and for example if it is something major like a presidential election shouldnt we hear the voices of the whole country and not just the men?

    In conclusion,I do think that females should be allowed to vote. After all doesnt the term gender equallity exist for a reason?

  • To say that women shouldn't have the vote is anti-democratic and regressive.

    The whole point of democracy is that everybody gets to participate in elections. If you decide to prevent 50% of the population from voting then that's the direct opposite of democracy. The idea that women somehow "can't make decisions" is backwards and patently false. The idea that women shouldn't have the vote is disgusting and proves that feminism still has a place in society even a hundred years after women's suffrage.

  • In utter shock

    I am in utter shock that there is ANYONE who would openly say that women don't deserve the right to vote or hold office. This is repulsive. One of the biggest ironies this world possesses is America. A nation founded on the concepts of 'liberty' and 'equality' just happens to be one of the most racist and sexist countries going... Yeah liberty and equality for all... Except blacks, and women, and gays, and literally anyone who isn't a white, middle class, male, straight, christian. It's both vile and completely hilarious. I feel deeply saddened and sorry for women who have been oppressed and deeply conditioned to the point that they think they are not worthy.
    Men rely on women to completely order their lives outside of work, and yet find themselves in far more 'managerial' positions. It's entirely laughable. 
    Everything about women makes them suited to positions of power; they are fairer, less impulsive, generally more intelligent... I could go on. Ultimately though, it will always come down to the individual. By ruling out any group you could have potentially let a great potential fall through the cracks.
    And then the idea that women shouldn't even vote... WOW! How about no taxation without representation? Another laughable great American little saying eh? I could write an entire book on why the answer to this entire debate is YES, but I am currently overwhelmed by the fact the question is even still being asked in 2017.

    Posted by: Fizz
  • Of course women deserve it

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  • Of Course They Deserve It!!!

    Are you insane?? Men and women are literally of the same species! Of course women should have rights. In fact, They deserve it even more than men.

    And I'm a guy.
    Sorry, other dudes out there. You still know it is true. I know you do.

    Gosh dang More Word Needed Thingy!

  • Just because we are women doesnt mean we are stupid

    We deserve to help chose who runs our country. Just like men, our voices should be heard. We are not just here to cook, clean, and having babies. We are human who have feelings. Women know better than anyone who a good person is. I know all of this from experience.

  • No they shouldn't

    I feel like women need to realize the truth that men are better suited for political positions and decision making. In the year 1920, women were first given the right to vote and I don't understand why. They are women. They rely on emotions rather than logic to make their decisions and choosing who will run our country is a decision that is centered in logic. I wish the right to vote had never been granted to women and if our government would someday come to their senses and revoke that right for women, we'd be all better off. Even though they wouldn't like it at first, women would be better off in the long run as well. As far as being president...Whoa! A woman holding that level of power would not be in the best interest of our nation.

  • I wish women would accept reality

    I saw that the only other person who answered no to this question is a woman herself. I wish other women would think like this woman does and accept the truth. Politics and important decisions like voting should not even enter the pretty little minds of women. They should be more concerned with cooking, cleaning, and obeying their men. Society would be better if women were put back in their places. In order to do that, we have to eliminate their rights but unfortunately our society has progressed so much that no man out there would dare take her rights away! That said, things are worse with women having rights and power. Not better.

  • I Don't Believe We Do

    I am the person who posted and I am a woman but I am trying to keep my opinion out of this. I am more interested in others' opinions on this matter. I don't believe women deserve the right personally but that is just me. We are all entitled to an opinion. Men are welcome to post their opinions but I am interested to know if there are actually other women that feel the way I do.

  • Maybe they shouldn't

    I believe in the legal equality of the genders and to not allow women to vote or hold office would be dumb. Especially considering single women. I'm just voting over here to make the sides equal. Lol Lol derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp

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