• Yes, anyone properly qualified should have that chance.

    There is no reason to specifically appoint a woman to the FCC chair, if that is what the question implies, but there is also no reason a woman shouldn't. What is more important than considerations of gender is qualifications. The best person for the job should have it, regardless of all other circumstances.

  • Yes, gender should not matter

    The bottom line comes down to this, if a lady is qualified to do the job and is able to perform the functions there is no reason she should not have the job. I do not read one thing in the FCC that a women could not do if she was not well qualified.

  • Yes, a Qualified Woman Should Head the FCC

    A qualified woman, as well as a qualified man, can lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Heading up an important agency like the FCC isn't a matter of gender as much as a matter of ability and qualifications. If a person is the best qualified for the job and has the greatest ability to carry out the duties of that job, gender should not come into the decision. Therefore, a woman can head the FCC, as can a man.

  • CAN but not SHOULD

    Of course a woman could and should be ABLE to head the FCC. However, she should not head the FCC just because she is a woman. She needs to have more credibility than just her sex. That would be reverse discrimination. A qualified woman would do just as well as a qualified man though, that's for sure!

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