Should a woman still be allowed to abort at 6 months?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • It's the woman's choice.

    Imagine this scenario: you're holding a alien-looking, fleshy vaguely humanoid fetus in one hand. You're holding a live, conscious, breathing, thinking woman in the other. You have to drop one. Which one would you drop?
    Pro-lifers can rant all they want, but accept it: it's the woman's choice. Pregnancy is harmful, dangerous and can kill. Would you be willing to go through what is likely to be the most painful experience of your LIFE for a baby you never wanted? Also, SCREW ADOPTION. There are hundreds of thousands of kids out there who are never going to find homes, and you want to add to that?
    A FETUS does not have thoughts. A FETUS is unconscious. A FETUS cannot feel. A woman can.

  • Yes she should

    Its her body. Who cares if she had extra tissue growing inside her for six months? Its tissue thats part of her body. It isn't even alive. Removing it would be like donating an organ. People donate their organs at free will so why can a woman get tissue removed?!

  • Up to viability, which is around 24 weeks.

    Not that this is a common scenario. Fewer than 2% of abortions occur after the 21st week of pregnancy- and this includes medically necessary abortions.
    Over 60% of abortions occur before 9 weeks, with an additional 26% occurring at 12 weeks or earlier.

    Not to mention that Roe V. Wade places the limit at which states can make abortion illegal at 24 weeks in the first place- so this question is pretty much moot to start.

  • Yes We SHOULD

    Actually i beg to differ i got an abortion at 6 months my boyfriend forced me to get pregnant plus threw away my birthcontrol.And broke condoms purposely i waited because i was scared to say something plus my life was on the line he was also abusing me i feel bad about it but its the womans choice and her body and to make abortions illegal is wrong some women get raped and forced to be pregnant. Its not right to make it illegal

  • Not your body, not your life, not your money

    I don't need to support anything. It's not your body. It's not your life. It's not your money. The last one some may argue " my taxes pay for that and it's against my religion" well my taxes have been paying for your religion for eons. When I stop having to fund the corrupt churches and Christian( other religions aswell) schools, then you may try and use that argument. Although you will still lose.
    Long and short: none of your god damn business, and research shows more access directly correlates to better women health and societal health in general.

  • Women should be allowed to abort at 6 months.

    Here is the thing about abortion, it should be solely the decision of the one who is getting the abortion. If a woman wants to do it then let her do it, it is her body and she should have complete control over it. Of course it may seem wrong since the child is almost fully developed but it is the mother's body and what she wants should be up to her, in most cases.

  • Yes of course

    If a woman wants to abort making a meal 6 months into a relationship then shes perfectly in her right to do so. The Marriage is still pretty new, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and theres nothing wrong with ordering out every once in a while if youre not the best cook.

    On an unrelated note, why is a fetus the picture used to describe the opinion? Its just going to confuse people and make them think that what is being aborted is a fetus that is 6 months old, not a meal made by a woman 6 months into a relationship......


  • Yes, but somewhat no...

    Before six months I believe abortion should be completely legal. From my viewpoint, before the fetus is able to survive independently from the mother, it is not a human being. It is an extension of the mother's body. The mother's body is simply morphing the necessary biological material in preparation of a human being. At birth, the child is officially and unequivocally a human being. However, once the fetus becomes viable, I believe abortion should only be legal in instances where it detrimental to the mother, or in cases of extreme fetal abnormalities, where either the mother's life is in danger, or the fetus will almost certainly not survive very long after birth.

  • She shouldn't be allowed to in pretty much any situation.

    The ONLY situation I would say let the woman choose is when her life is on the line. Other than that one instance there's no reason to allow a woman to have an abortion AT ANY PERIOD OF TIME. Simply put abortion is the equivalence of murder, whether you look at biology or morality it's not fair to the child.

  • Age Does not Matter

    Every person is supposedly equal under the US Constitution, but we refuse to offer the right to live to people in the first 24 weeks of their lives. One's age does not matter. Everyone should be able to live their life, as, like it or not, a human is created instantly upon conception, and is soon after breathing with a beating heart and nerves.

  • Should be a state issue.

    This should be an issue decided at the state-level; seven supreme court justices acted as a super-legislator overturning laws in almost every state in the country that lacked any basis in law. I think it is very telling that abortion supporters are completely unwilling to allow the people and the democratic process decide the issue and rely solely on the personal views of 7 lawyers. As to the question regarding 6 months? No.

  • It is hard to define when exactly life starts.

    We say that 3 months is still ok to abort but why not 6 months ? It's the same baby , it's just bigger!
    However, I see it as murderer after three months because the baby could survive out the stomach, so you really do kill him if you abort at 6 months. Where as at the months, the baby is still a fetus.

  • Why should she be?

    That a heartbeat and other physical necessities qualifying as a life are present much sooner in fetal development, what separates the issue from being the murder of an innocent for the sake of convenience? If it was a dog owner aborting puppies because of the inconvenience of a litter, I bet it would be raised as animal cruelty by the animal rights activists, many of whom are pro-choice. I don't understand why the resentment of accountability should be given justification for such an abominable act. After all, aren't you happy that you were not the victim of an abortion?

  • It has life

    A freaking cell is the smallest thing to be considered to have life but a fetus is not!!? And yes a fetus DOES FEEL. Besides if it's RARELY a case of rape usually it's some woman or teen who "is not ready for that kind of responsibility or they don't feel mature enough" but having intercourse has responsibility and maturity for the consequences. If you have relationships with someone be aware there may be pregnancy! I mean it's animal abuse to abort you're pets babies but it's legal for us to kill a HUMAN fetus!!??

  • Well, there would have to be a good excuse why she didn't abort sooner...

    Baby's are born prematurely at 6 months and can survive. It is a little human life and i believe that holds immense value at the end of the day. It is precious and sacred as all life should be. I can tolerate early abortions- where it is a mere cluster of cells- but i still don't think it's ideal. Why would a woman wait 6 months to abort a foetus anyway? That's pushing it a bit really and the only real excuse would be if the woman's life was in danger or the child was found to be severely disabled. I am a woman and all for women's rights but i think aborting at 6 months if not for a good reason is ridiculous and i often fear some people (men and women) treat abortion like it's no big deal at all- and don't take contraception seriously in the first place. Abortion is a big deal and should be very very carefully considered. At the end of the day it is the ingredients for a human life which then develops into a human being- something that's actually amazing.

  • Abortion is genocide, it is not a woman's body.

    Life starts at conception. You people say it is not a human breathing child? You're sick to even think that. I've seen and studied children who have survived botched abortions and even 20 weeks . That child is no part of a womans body different DNA and just in life support .. Your liver is part of your body. Your lungs heart. Organs in general. It is scientifically proven that that child feels and the development start early .. Pain for example is active at 1 month. And not to mention it's so sad that people even argue this. If the woman was raped? That child has a human right but can't speak. It doesnt make you un Raped it just makes it worse. I've seen videos and watched proof from congress the real horror o it all. The child is no tissue stupid People

  • Its murder with no excuse

    A child is more likely have developed at that stage and a child finds attachment the moment it becomes part of a mother. Abortion doesnt change a thing but it creates a murder of you and steals the joy of motherhood hence by aborting you are being selfish, disrespectful to God, pathetic and wretched.

  • What the hell is wrong with you people

    Seriously. What is wrong with you! Anyone who said yes it's okay. Really? Really is it okay. I hope beyond hope none of you get pregnant anytime soon. Why would anyone wait until six months. I just will.Never be able to understand it. Use birth control or don't have sex!

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