• Yes and no (both).

    A woman's place should be wherever she sees fit, no matter that be in the home or at the workplace. I think she has the right to decide where she is better suited and what that means for the family. Her and the husband can work out a schedule if neither will be home to watch the kid.

  • No, we need everyone contributing to create prosperity

    Women have valuable skills and unique insights that we need adequately represented in the work force. While every man and woman should choose his or her own path, our economy benefits when more women participate. A stronger economy raises our standard of living and improves quality of life. We should encourage women, while respecting their decisions, to be active producers in the economy.

  • Let women's place be where ever they want

    I'm fine with a woman wanting to be a stay at home mom. I'm also fine with a woman wanting to have a career. I'm not fine with other people thinking that women should be one or the other. Some women, such as myself, cannot picture themselves as a housewife and would go crazy in that role. Others don't want a career, and want to focus on raising their children. Either one is okay. It's the 21st century, and women don't have a "place" anymore.

  • Neither, a women shouldn't have her place in society decided for her.

    Women have the right to decide how they want to live their lives, as everyone does. Like men they have no 'place' or 'role which society expects them to for fill. A woman is a individual with the free choice to decide whether she wants to work, if she wants to stay at home etc...

  • A woman's place is where she wants it to be.

    Woman and men are equal and free. No one has "a place." Home and work are both equally important. There is no right or wrong answer for where a woman should be. Even if she does work, she is still at home taking on household duties too. You can do both, either, or neither. It depends on the situation, as is the case for men.

  • Women should do what they want.

    A woman's place should be at work, because women have a lot to offer the working world. The world would be missing out on a lot of brain power by not welcoming women in the workplace. Also, a lot of women need to work in order to make ends meet if their husbands do not make a large income.

  • Women should be free to accomplish anything

    Women has fought for rights for many years and still today there are people who feel like a woman's place should just be in the home. There are a lot of women who have accomplished major steps in order to make their mark in history. A lot of women will continue to change the world through their actions outside of the home.

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