Should A&E have suspended Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for his anti-gay remarks?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • I'm Wondering How They Avoided Being Cancelled!

    Could there be a double standard in the networks? If you use the N-word, you are taken off the air. If you go on a rant about Gays, you just get a suspension? I wonder. Both Paula Deen & Dog The Bounty Hunter both suffered severe consequences for use of and past use of the N-word. Dog is now on the road to professional redemption. Paula is keeping things low-key. But Phil Robertson managed to wiggle himself into a suspension. How? Isaiah Washington wasn't that lucky. Is a White man (Robertson) getting a better deal than a Black man (Washington)? Wow. That smacks of discrimination; doesn't it? I realize several networks were involved in these incidents, but why are the punishments so different? That's what doesn't make sense to me.

  • If they wanted to.

    A&E is advertising supported, like all American television save for PBS and local public access channels. If the advertisers aren't happy with the show and how it's perceived by viewers, they pull their advertising, and the channel has no money. The guy has a right to say what he wants. And the channel has a right to not pay him for it.

    Posted by: Seek
  • A&E has rights too

    Phil has a right to voice his opinions, as does everyone else in this country. We have the freedom to voice our opinions without being legally punished just because someone else disagrees with our opinion. This freedom however does not guarantee that our opinions will be embraced or even welcomed by others (nor should it). Freedom of Speech only implies a freedom of legal persecution, it guarantees nothing regarding social persecution.

    A&E also has a right to determine that they don't want people who talk like that on their network. They have a right to protect their financial and social positions.

  • His anti-gay remarks are bigoted and wrong...

    But that has nothing to do with this. Nobody should be discriminated against for sharing their personal opinions. Nobody deserves to lose their job or to have something taken from them just because they have an opinion that doesn't sit well with other people. We have to allow everyone the same rights that we would allow ourselves, otherwise we are simply hypocrites.

  • Free speech is getting eroded before our eyes.

    The man was exercising his 1st amendment rights and the extreme left got all butt hurt, boo hoo. First of all, the part that got them upset and they called his opinion was not his opinion at all it was God's opinion. He was quoting 1st Corinthians 6:9-10 out of the Bible. We're sacrificing our free speech rights on the altar of political correctness. Sickening. And second, A&E should be ashamed of themselves for caving to the whining of the extreme left.

  • He is right

    Look at nature, do you see anywhere where LGBT people's actions would be accepted. If it's not how nature works shouldn't you stop and think if what you are doing is? Phil is right, you don't reproduce through a mans anus so why would it be a good idea? The LGBT community needs to accept the fact that if the world doesn't have to agree with them, we have to tolerate them anyways. What vile misconceptions does Phil have? He is right.

  • Human rights first

    As a gay person myself, I cannot approve of the remarks made by Phil, but I am aware that he has his right to free speech. This isn't about homophobia, its about human rights. Even the LGBT community show hate towards one another. We cannot expect freedom and acceptance if we don't teach it in the LGBT community.

    There is no period of time where we can say that some speech should be limited. Either we have free speech, or we don't. If you cannot recognize and acknowledge one's opinion, then don't expect them to accept yours. If you want acceptance and tolerance, be accepting and tolerant.

    Think about this for a moment. Why should homophobia be condemned? Yes, its ridiculous, however, it is an opinion. I understand the world has a long road ahead, and a long road has been left behind, but you must accept someones opinion. Every day homophobic remarks are made, and every day those remarks can turn to violence. You cannot allow someone's words to harm you. Once again, as a gay person, I realize I must accept and tolerate everyone else's opinions in order to be accepted myself.

  • He should not of been suspended

    He should of not been suspended. But A&E has the right to do what they want with their company. A&E should know Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular shows on TV(I have never seen it). Now they have chosen to slit their own throat by suspending one of their stars. This is a way they are hurting their own ratings.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Whether I agree or disagree, I feel he should be able to speak out about what he believes. And, they prompted him with direct questions so it's not like he was just randomly wanting to force his opinion on the whole world. I also believe a lot of what he said was nit-picked and taken out of context.

  • Free speech to douchbags aswell.

    Phil Robertson stated that being gay is both not logical, a sin and comparable to bestiality. Let me give an example of why I think he shouldn't have been suspended.
    Imagine a vegetarian saying:
    meat is murder and its not logical., Eating meat is comparable to killing and eating a human.

    This person would be comparing anyone who does this act to a murderer and it would likely offend a lot of people. However, should this person have their livelihood stripped from them for saying this? I think not as even though it is an unpopular opinion and can be seen as spiteful, their right to free speech allows them to say these things without dire consequences. If he had incited violence against gays then I could see the other sides point, but he was merely making a stupid remark. He deserves to be looked down on by society, but suspending him is not the way.

  • Political correctness is out of control

    It's interesting how the LGBT community is allowed to make obscene protests and scream the gay cause from the rooftops in exercise of free speech, but if anyone dares to voice an opinion contrary to their agenda, they are immediately shouted down and shamed for it. A&E has a right to suspend his contract to protect their company's image, but let's be equal here. Don't keep businesses from firing people who speak out for gay rights; those businesses should have the same right as A&E to protect their image. The left is hilarious at times with its contradictions.

  • I think the whole thing is ridiculous

    The question was not about whether A&E had the RIGHT to suspend him. I do believe that a private TV company has the right to cancel any show they want, or do what they want with their network. But the question was "should." And that can be taken from a couple different angles. I will approach it from a moral angle and not a financial one, and say no, they should not have. People say and do way worse things this this man has ever said and they still get tv shows and movie roles. For some reason this country has become EXTREMELY intolerant and belligerent towards anyone who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. And I think silencing people just because they have a different view than you is wrong. These people have been on the air for four years and are proclaimed Christians. Seriously?! What did A&E expect?

  • He has a right to his words

    I think A&E shouldn't have banned Phil just because they support gay marriages. I think Phil has a right to his words as an American with the freedom of speech. If A&E cant take the fact that what Phil is doing isn't wrong, I'm not watching them anymore. A man has a right to his opinions.

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SweetTea says2013-12-19T18:40:08.317
When you base a story, in this care a reality show, on a group of rednecks ... This is what you get. Personally, I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner with worse actions!