• Yes, I think abdication should be an option for Queen Elizabeth II.

    I think the British monarchy has no real power it's mainly symbolic so if someone wishes to lead a different life then being in the spotlight 24/7 then they should be allowed to abdicate the throne and lead their own private life, I don't think we should force someone to be there if they don't want to be.

  • Abdication should be an option for Queen Elizabeth II.

    Abdication should be an option for Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II is currently 88 years old and it is pretty certain that she will abdicate her throne to her son Prince Charles. She should abdicate her throne due to her current age and her frailty. She is the oldest British Monarch yet.

  • Yes, but she won't abdicate.

    Obviously if Queen Elizabeth II wanted to retire and in a sense abdicate then this should be her right at her advanced age and with all she has already done. But she is not going to do that because she has always seen the monarchy as her duty and wants to forge on till the end.

  • Abdication is a royal right.

    Abdication should be an option for Queen Elizabeth II. This is because a lifelong position should have an opt-out choice for issues such as health or choosing to spend more time with family, or even to retire. The royals are not supposed to abdicate but the option should be kept open for the Queen as well as other royals.

  • Yes, abdication should be an option for the Queen.

    I think that abdication should be an option for Queen Elizabeth 2. I think that since she is reaching such an old age during her rule, she should consider a time to which she thinks she can no longer rule as a Queen properly. Plus I think that it is time for Prince Charles to be king.

  • Charles should never be King

    How can a man who has behaved so dreadfully ever be head of the church and the country. He is a self opinionated, self indulgent individual who cannot be trusted to be the Monarch. His wife should definitely never be Queen the way she behaved when he was a married man defines her personality as she indulges her own wishes.

  • It already is... But I would despise her for doing so...

    As with any British monarch, there's always the option to abdicate. Now I know this does not sound logical as much as it is emotional, but I don't think that she should abdicate. I still feel betrayed by the royal family, even though I am american I know from conversations and news articles that the british people do not want the throne to go to Prince Charles and Camilla because they still love Princess Diana (hell I dont remember her but as a member of the LGBT community I feel like she was a judy garland of the british throne).
    So while the queen could abdicate she shouldn't unless charles and camilla abdicate also (or die first) then Princess Diana's boys can be next in line, which would be the will of the majority of the british people.
    Which if they are to keep their power as figureheads and keep their royal income they now have to basically respect that will, as it is a popularity contest basically with the royal family.

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