Should Abercrombie & Fitch make clothes for bigger women?

  • "Should"- yes. "Have to"-no.

    Regardless of the fact that their CEO is a giant tool, you'd think he (and every other clothing manufacturer) would have the business acumen to understand that the average American woman is now a size 14. These women would be willing to spend good money on fashionable clothing made in their size, since it is so difficult to find any. The companies that do make plus sizes (not that the 10 Abercrombie stops at is plus size) are making a mint on them.

    And let's face it- the idiot is clearly living out some kind of fantasy life by claiming he only wants cool, attractive people wearing his clothing. I mean look at the guy- he looks like Gary Busey went bobbing for apples in a tub full of bees.

  • absolutely it should

    It is wrong to discriminate. Our Country prides itself on not discriminating against people. Sure we do it but it needs to stop. Also I believe this is against feminism. Women in america have worked hard to gain rights. All companies should have to include every one. I am just saying

  • This is ridiculous!

    He's saying he only wants the beautiful people to shop at his shop which is kinda stupid when he isn't that good looking himself. And it's just plain discrimination to say and do that. For me true beauty comes from within and so what if your "overweight" people have reallu got to stop judging others from there appearances and dicrisminating them because they are different and don't fit the right requirements to wear a bunch of ridiculously expensive clotheS. It's so stupid that we have to talk about something like this and and it just shows how judgmental and ridiculous this work actually is!

  • I don't choose either

    Apparently there is no neutral button for this but that's what I would choose. I really don't care either way. People shouldn't base their value on what others say about them in the first place. People who can't be confident in who they are have no value. You can yell at me all you want but it's the truth. As for the company, I don't know why people are still arguing about this since I just went into their stores and they have several XLs and XXLs in stock. I don't know if this was a recent thing or what. Anyways, I would vote yes due to the fact that stores need as many customers as they can get in order to reach whatever goal they set. Therefore, it would be smart to invest in all sizes available to allow for more customers. Face it, American corporations could care less about customers' personal beliefs and what goes on in their lives. They just want to sell their stuff. So people shouldn't take all of their comments so seriously. Honestly, nobody is stupid enough to tell their entire customer base that they're prejudiced against ugly people if they didn't have a good counter for the reaction. Second, reacting in the way that all those people did demonstrates their belief that there are in fact ugly people in the world. People are people. If they aren't as attractive now, it's only because they don't know how to use what they have at the time. I've seen so many people go from a "not even" to a "hell yeah" in a month's time. All they needed was some kind of advice. And that is why there are models (notice, they don't all look and pose the same). They are there to demonstrate to everyone of all races, features and backgrounds what looks attractive. And yes, most of them are extremely fit. Why? Because that specific body type makes them look their best. There are some models who are thicker. That may be because they look more attractive in that size than they would if they were thin. Models are nothing but examples that we have the choice to follow if we want. That doesn't mean puke up a bunch of food to get skinny fast. You'll still look like crap. You'll just be skinny in the process. We just need to do it right and be patient for the results.
    In summary, there are no ugly people so his comment on that topic shouldn't have even been acknowledged. When he said this, he most likely expected this outrage for his future profit (doesn't always have to do with direct cash flow). Anyone who doesn't realize this is just playing along in the game. However, it's not necessarily a bad thing to do so no matter how terrible it is to feel manipulated and controlled. It may be sad to say, but manipulation is what our entire economy is based off.

    Posted by: Mob
  • Yes, they should.

    Abercrombie & Fitch are known for their tight fitting clothing and expensive prices. Many girls and women are highly influenced by popular trends and clothing. In today's society, female models are almost always portrayed as someone thin with a nice body. These images are exposed to women, especially adolescent girls which give them the idea that you have to be skinny to be beautiful and fit into these clothes. Abercrombie & Fitch do not make XL and XXL clothing for larger people, which can contribute to low self-esteem and even eating disorders.

  • Please don't discriminate!

    We as a society need to learn beauty is everywhere- in everything and everyone- and just because someone is bigger and doesn't "fit in" (no pun intended) to the medias idea of pretty she should not have to deal with pressures from her fellow members of the world. Let everyone be who they want! As long as this doesn't hurt anyone, it is totally fine! Can't you imagine the day that you look at even the "ugliest" of people and you don't blink twice? Lets all work on our constant judgement- it will make us all happier. Though I should note I hardly agree that women should be exposing themselves so much anyway- regular or plus size.

  • yes its only fair

    Yes they should. Yes some big women do need to take better care of them selfs and carry themselfs better but this is unfair. I mean has the C.E.O of this company looked in the mirror lately. Seriously i may not be a big man but i have family members who are large and thats due to their diabettes. So if you wanna be inconciderate and an ass whole no but i say yes let big girls wear your cloths, cause we are all big in our own mind.

  • If they want

    They are not obligated to. People can buy what they want, just because the CEO stated he us not willing to make cloth for bigger woman people shouldn't go around shaming it. They can do a petition but calling them evil and what not. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against larger females, the CEO somewhat of an ass but I will still buy their cloths.

  • I need cloths too,...Geeze

    Im a normal sized dude and all the american cloths are too big, they look baggy and bad. I struggle to find cloths that fit. Abercrombie is pretty much my last option for normal fitting cloths, not all this oversized american garbage,,....Instead of these woman spending time being bitter and criticizing companies, they should spend some time at the gym and make us all happy, including them selves.

  • It's their decision

    There are many companies that are praised for making clothes for bigger women yet many companies that make clothing for smaller women are criticised. It should be the companies decision whether or not they want to make clothes for bigger women, they shouldn't have to if they don't want to.

  • No they should not

    Abercrombie & Fitch should be able to decide whether they want to make a certain size for people. Thin people like myself enjoy shopping at a store where it is easy to find stuff that fits us well. There are many many stores that carry Xl or XXL. But I totally disagree with the CEO's statements about who is cool and who is not, being a certain size does not make you cool. In my school days I was bullied for being thin and I was considered uncool.

  • Being Fat is not O.K.

    People need to understand that no one should be bigger than a size 10, which is the size that A&F goes up to. I am a size 6 and I think I am slightly overweight. Fat isn't healthy and maybe if companies stop saying that it's ok, people will change their ways.

  • If they don't want to, they don't have to.

    The sizes they choose to hold in stores are completley up to them! If you want to find clothes in a larger size, the solution is simple. Go to another store! No one has to sale certain specific things, just because it's possible someone may need it, that is not the business job. It's job is to sale what i wants in stores, and make a profit. And if Abercrombie & FInch wants to sale on smaller womans clothes, than it should be allowed to do so.

  • Should Catherine's makes clothes for anorexics?

    There are companies that mainly sell clothes to larger women, should they make clothes for ultra-skinny women? If they want to. If a company makes aircraft for people who can see, should they also make aircraft for blind people? Probably not. While the things I hear the CEO say are shallow, he shouldn't be forced to make a certain type of product.

  • Corporations make money off smart business choices, not morals.

    It is not the companies job to give in to the pleas. The majority of shoppers are teens and are of average size. Making clothes that represent a smaller portion of sales or possibly a really tiny portion of their sales would mean less profit for A&F. If you want them to try changing for you, you either need to get over yourself.

  • they have a right to discriminate on the basis of weight

    Since when has discrimination on the basis of weight been unfair, actually i would really like to have an argument on this topic. I do realize however that chances are votes would be against me based on the bias have people have towards such an issue, and urge would be voters to look at things objectively based purely on the arguments presented and not on personal inclinations

    Posted by: Emmo

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-21T18:56:46.987
I dont think Abercrombie makes the cloth they use.
AnonyFeline says2013-05-26T10:51:55.977
Abercrombie and Fitch should be allowed to make CLOTHES in any sizes they desire to exemplify their target market. It may not be the best public relations decision, but is a freedom and first amendment right they have as a private or publicly traded company. If they were funded by the government or a charitable institution, it would illegal to limit their demographic based on body size. They have every right to create a product for a particular market niche and focus on that market niche. As far as CLOTH, it doesn't matter from whom they purchase and to whom they sell their CLOTH.