Should aboriginals be treated differently under the law?

  • We owe it to the Aboriginals

    From the late 18th century, European Canadians encouraged First Nations to assimilate into their own culture, referred to as "Canadian culture". The assumption was that it was the correct culture because European Canadians saw themselves as technologically, politically and culturally more advanced.
    Founded in the 19th century, the Canadian Indian residential school system was intended to force the assimilation of Aboriginal and First Nations people into European-Canadian society. The attempt to force assimilation involved punishing children for speaking their own languages or practicing their own faiths and a lot of physical abuse. These children were taken away from their families and brought into these schools where harm was conducted upon them. The children were deprived of their languages and faith, and were prone to all sorts of physical abuse from the teachers and other students. The purpose of residential schools was “killing the Indian in the child”.
    The effects of residential schools on First Nation people are many. The schools had a negative impact on aboriginal culture and have led to the partial loss of aboriginal languages because of cultural genocide. As children who escaped the residential schools, post-traumatic stress disorder, drug abuse and alcoholism, violence and domestic abuse, self-abuse, suicide, and incarceration are much more common in Aboriginals than in other cultures within Canada. Also, because in the residential schools siblings were forbidden from seeing each other, this broke family ties and generations of children have grown without a family life; many of them lack proper parenting skills and, having only experienced abuse, in turn abuse their children and family members.
    Overall, we owe it to the Aboriginals for all the hardships and troubles we caused them. After all, European Canadians aren't the real "Canadians". Aboriginal and the First Nations people were here far long before us.

  • We live in the 21st century, the past is now history.

    I don't understand why aboriginals all of these benefits and handouts, yes it was a terrible thing in which happened to them but its shouldn't be an issue today, it is history. We should be living in a world of equality it's time to move on. It is descrimination against us? My great grand father was a prisoner of war, he fort for Australia, he was torched on a tremendous level, our family didn't get any hand outs, so why should the aboriginals. As a race in general, in my town they are very intimidating aswell. So that is why under new law they should be treated equally to everyone else.

  • I think aboriginals should be treated differently under the law because, currently, they are not given the same basic needs or access to their land right now.

    Aboriginals should have a separate status under the law, but not because they are a lower class citizen than the rest. Because they are different and hold values that are separate from ours, they should be able to practice their beliefs on the land that was rightfully theirs, and should have a different status under the law.

    Posted by: CompleteJerrod
  • Aboriginals should not be subjected to laws that they do not hold in their culture.

    Aboriginals have a right to their culture and lifestyle that should not be impacted or affected by the laws of the groups that colonized the aboriginal land. Therefore, an aboriginal has the right to follow the laws of their tribe or culture only and should not be subjected to the authority of any other group that the aboriginals have not consented to be a part of.

    Posted by: Wynn354
  • It was their country to begin with.

    We have never bought their land, and it was mostly stolen from the natives so they should be given the stolen land back and allow them to reinstate their own government. The reason for this is because the tribes were doing just fine before we stole their land. We owe them that much to simply give their stolen land back.

  • I do not believe aboriginals should be treated differently under law.

    I don't believe anyone should get any special treatment, or rights. I understand the history and background, but people today are not dealing with those inequalities. I don't think its right to give aboriginals special treatment.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Aboriginals should be allowed to observe their own law as opposed a country's national law when appropriate.

    Canada, the United States, and Australia allow for indigenous law to rule in certain cases due to the fact each nation must allow for land rights and traditional practices. It is solely due to these treaties that aboriginals should be treated differently, and not due to circumstances beyond this realm.

    Posted by: NoIanMu5ic
  • In some cases, indigenous peoples have their own land or territory and their own laws apply there.

    Aboriginal people shouldn't be treated differently under the law in most cases. But there are some exceptions when they live in a self-governing territory or reservation where there are different laws about some things. An example would be casinos on reservations, when casinos are illegal in other parts of the state, or different hunting and fishing regulations. These are minor differences, and the state or federal law should allow indigenous peoples a certain degree of self-governance on their own tribal lands.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • Aboriginals who are treated differently under the law tend to suffer for it whether they are intended to benefit or intended to be harmed.

    Some Native American tribes are recognized by the United States government but some have never been, like our local Abenaki people. You can see people all over who are Italian hue but don't have Italian names. My wife is one of them, though she's Gypsy/Mongolian (honestly, I can see how people could assume that). The local community accepts her and her children as one of theirs and she moves freely among them and with Gypsy people in the United States. You've probably met them and thought they were Mexican, Italian, or just working people living out their lives like anyone else. It's a very different situation to be what she is back in Hungary, where she comes from. Many of the rules intended to help Gypsy people end up separating them from mainstream life and depriving them. Even when preferential treatment is meant well, it tends to hurt the people singled out.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • They deserved it

    Everyone in Australia already knows that Aboriginals have it harsher than any other groups. Their history has big impact on their current situation and the government (along with everyone else) did not give them much consideration. This land was originally theirs and they deserve the same chance that others had.

  • The Aboriginals already get so much

    The government already supports people of Aboriginal descent by giving them plenty of money every year. The reason why the Aboriginals say they are not doing well is because they do not put the money to good use at all. Instead of putting it towards helping themselves, they end up using it against the government to try getting more money. They are milking the pity that the English have towards them at this point. The English feel bad for taking over Canada, because they are way to nice. The Aboriginal people feel that they should try to get everything they can now (Self-government) while there is still pity in the situation. As soon as a PM of different descent comes into play things are seriously going to change. The Aboriginals are lucky they get what they get and they are lucky that they weren't gotten rid of back in the day like America got rid of them. If we take over land, there is no reason for the group that was there before to get more, because it is simply ours now. That is the way it works everywhere except Canada, and seeing that the Aboriginals are complaining (even when they are lucky to be still here) is completely foolish.

  • It was the past.

    Why should the government be paying for all the aboriginals expenses? They live in poverty for all their lives, and are only waiting to die. If they were to live normally and off the reserves they could lead a much happier life and fuller life than as they would have on the reservation. Why should we be paying for them? It was not us who discriminated 9r did this awful things to them. It had to do with their ancestors and our ancestors. We did not personally harm the aboriginals so why should we be paying for the mistakes the government in the past made Sorry to say it, but we shouldn't be dwelling on the past, rather looking to the future.

  • It was plain unfair!!

    I understand us whiteys (Europeans) have taken alot from the Indigenous in the past, we have had 'Sorry days', they have got given other payments, but to receive an ongoing payment, every week of their life, and discounts on specific things, it ridiculous. And what makes me angry is they don't even need to be Half aboriginal for it! I know of people that are 1/16th bloody aboriginal and have whiter skin than me and have red hair and freckles! Its a sacm and theyre taking advantage of it!

  • There is no reason Aboriginals should be treated differently.

    The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) article 1 states that all people are equal in dignity and rights. It applies to this situation as well. Yes the aboriginal people were severely miss-treated by the government throughout the 1800's, but 100-200 years later I would think in a great democracy like Canada, there would be a significant adaptation to the law.

  • No, aboriginals should NOT be treated differently!!

    Aboriginals should NOT be treated differently because they are the same as everyone else. It doesn't matter what your skin colour is, we're all born the same way, and we all die. They all love music, like other people. They have a love of dancing like everyone else. They should NOT be treated differently under the law. It's just wrong.

  • No way

    Why should they be treated any differently. Most work hard and should pay the same taxes and pay the same services everyone else. They already get many handouts already and still complain. Many aboriginals think they are special and we owe them because this is their land, I dont think so.


    If you want equality that means everyone is held under the same standard. Bottom line. In this case anything else is slight supremacy as a result of white guilt. We ALL should pay taxes, this includes all religious institutions, races and minorities. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER. This is whats necessary in any country that calls itself a democracy. Why don't natives or half natives or quarter or eighth or sixteenth natives need an FAC or PAL to own and obtain a firearm? Europeans brought guns over to this country. Is that fair? Is that equality?

  • All Aussies are equal

    Its foolish if Aussies and aboriginals are treated differently when they share the same rights and land with social rights warranted, separation is evil and should not continue, either European or not, all are Aussies and need to have equal rights.
    This land is to be shared by all its people.

  • All people are equal.

    Since when did owning the land first even matter. IN history many different groups of people owned various acres of land. It didn't matter then, why now? I live in Canada and the way they are treated is ridiculous. The government always wants us to feel guilty for not being Aboriginal. The Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms emphasizes equality for all man.

  • Just Use Logic?

    Treating Aboriginal people by different standards than the rest of Australia's inhabitants simply provides a band-aid solution to the symptoms of this problem but does it not at the same time continue to contribute to the cause? I see no reason why anyone should get special treatment or for that matter, get less privileges due to race.

    For example.

    I believe an Aboriginal man on a $20,000 a year salary should not be able to get any more money from the government than a White Australian on a $20,000 a year salary.

    Does this not just seem logical??

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T09:27:52.270
Why on earth should they get special rights? Firstly, just today someone in our school got a $1000 scholarship just because he had an aboriginal descendant, while there are others in my school who works and studies every day and not get and scholarship. Tell me you do not see anything wrong with that. We are not in the medieval ages where people were given extra service just because they were born from somebody who was "special". There are already special area zones for aboriginals to live in where they can do whatever they want and follow their traditions. Sure, those who have suffered from the trauma or cruelty by colonisation of white people should get some compensation. They could get some treatment for the injuries to their body or mental health and possible income until they can find a job. Sure that's fine, but only to those who were actually affected by the colonisation. If someone was born around 1995 and they have lived a life before the cruelty of the colonisation, but their ancestry were aboriginal then I see no reason to give these particular individuals special treatment.
satcat says2013-07-20T01:12:04.693
Why do I have to pay 10's of thousands to send my kids to college and university... When certain Canadians can go there without cost..The ones that wan't it have to pay...The ones that can go their for free...Don't even care..Discrimination is a two way street......
Anonymous says2013-09-24T09:06:37.497
If you are an aboriginal, you will be more likely to face domestic abuse, diabetes, cancer, racism, discrimination, sexual abuse, poverty and be under the national standard for literacy and numeracy compared to non-aboriginals.
It is extremely easy for an Australian citizen who does not face these issues to claim that Aboriginals are getting special treatment from the government but to be honest, that is an ignorant, un-educated, selfish, and racially tainted way to look at the issue.
In Australia, in some instances, Aboriginals do receive certain benefits, but they have more to overcome, and simply because Aboriginals are receiving benefits does not mean that people of non-aboriginal descent are not being looked out for by the government.
Many of the people who claim that Aboriginals receive too much from the government are the ones who will walk in the other direction if they see and an Aboriginal in the street, grasp their handbag closer if they are on a train with an Indigenous person, or refer to Aboriginals in the collective of "them", thus creating an "us and them" dichotomy.
The government would do well to not only continue to assist the Indigenous people of Australia overcome the daily hardships they face, but to also put money into educating the racist, the ignorant, and - worst of all- the "I'm not racist but.." people so the social issues and ignorance such as the some of the posts written on this site will no longer need to be an issue.
Anonymous says2013-09-24T09:08:11.473
Its funny when people claim that you shouldn't get benefits just because of what race you are. Especially because most of these people are white and do not realise the benefits that they receive just from having that skin colour.
brentbryant says2014-03-19T15:55:33.723
Dig in to your history canada.